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03 July 2017 Runaway-coast-01 Interior Showcase - Runaway Coast

The seaside has always provided a wealth of inspiration for interior designers. Coastal Living is all about injecting a hint of that carefree holiday atmosphere with the inspirational style that can be found by the sea.

Light Coloured Upholstery
Nautical prints and patterns aren’t the only way to create the coastal look in your bedroom, seaside stripes and the right colour palette can be enough to bring the cool and calming influence of this trend home. Look for light coloured upholstery with a simple stripe pattern, and if you want more of a coastal feel build upon the base with throws, cushions and more decorative pieces with a stronger coastal influence.

Inspired by the wonderful nuances that gives us one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean Sea, the Eolie collection reflects the bright pastel shades of the famous archipelago. Sea, sand and sun in a variety of colors and fabrics riches of vitality, soft and relaxing, that will make it even more pleasant the moments spend with yourself.

Natural Materials
This look doesn’t have to be all about the statement motifs or obvious seaside style, there are plenty of ways to bring a subtle coastal feel to your home. Using natural materials such as wood around your living space on backdrop of whites and blues can bring the same coastal feel to any space.

Parador Classic Trendtime 2 Walnut Wood Texture Laminate Flooring is 8mm thick and 95mm wide. This range breathes unique beauty and is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Each plank is individually textured and finished with a seal resin surface making this product extremely easy to maintain.

Coastal Motif
Adding just one seaside reference, such as a coral reef-patterned rug, is all you need to give a subtle nod toward the region. Made from 100% pure new wool and viscose, the coral range of rugs from Sanderson is hand tufted and as the name suggests depicts the shape of sea corals.

White Color
White is a great base shade to build upon for this look, providing the underlying calm and relaxing atmosphere. Wallcovering can also be a great way to set in a living area, with so many designs available there are plenty of coastal inspired styles to choose from.

Cast off in regatta style with this interlocking chain pattern inspired by rich wood accents modernized with hits of metallic for a modern feel is what Yacht Club collection from Phillip Jeffries all about.. Authentic wood veneer is cut and hand placed atop a metallic ground, which pops through resulting in a glamorous three-dimensional effect.

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