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04 July 2017 Upping-the-ante-01 Interior Showcase - Upping the ante

Given the impact of satisfaction ratings on payments to hospitals, the patient experience is the key in many discussions among health care providers to gain patient loyalty. The latest health care interior is designed to improve the hospital experience for patients and employees. We put together 4 simple ways to do so.


The material should include anti-stain and antimicrobial qualities . Tuntex focuses on being clean! Tuntex Carpet tiles are made with solution dyed nylon yarns thus the color penetrates deep, all the way through the fiber, and should not fade due to sun or bleach. Because they can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution, they are perfect options for restaurant, education and healthcare settings where germs and stains can be an issue. Stoneflaged collection is treated with Micro Shield, which has an anti-microbial character that eliminates the growth of microorganisms and has outstanding mildew resistance. This shield is built in between the top of the carpet and the thermoplastic backing. It’s durable and able to protect through multiple shampoo cleanings.


Vinyl is an important part of everyday life and is used throughout the healthcare industry, from the pipes that carry drinking water to IV bags in hospitals. Vinyl is an easy-to-clean surface; and therefore, helps to control pathogens and promote a sanitary environment in healthcare settings. This is one of several reasons why J.Josephson wallcoverings are widely specified by hospitals and healthcare providers. In fact, there’s a 5-year guarantee on the products; making them far more sustainable than paint products.

Patient Friendly Environment

Hospitals have been notorious for being uninviting places. The traditional colour combinations, boring interiors, typical furniture and seating areas had never succeeded in creating a great impression across the patient community. Healthcare Interior Design has changed the face of hospital design by adding hospitality to the interiors. 

Medintone collection from Armstrong Flooring has a soft palette of 47 colours allows designers to create settings with a warmer, home-like ambiance that can help alleviate anxiety and promote healing.


Transforming sterile, unappealing environments into clean, comfortable, soothing retreats. Patients and their families are naturally attracted to spaces that convey luxury and elegance. The Florence collection is a lightly distressed, aniline leather offered in 10 natural colors. Setting Florence apart from all other aniline leathers is its Crypton protection which allows for less staining, which aniline leathers are usually more prone to.

The collection provides healthcare designers with high performance leather that provides comfort, durability, and ease of care while containing an active anti-microbial with a wide spectrum of effectiveness to control germs, allergens, and odors. Breathable, stain resistant finish protects against iodine, betadine, blood, urine, coffee, wine, grass, crayons, nail polish remover, and unpleasant odors.

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