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20 March 2017

It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for sleeping, playing and working, it follows that their space should reflect their little personalities. According to Health First and Enfamil, a child raised in a stimulating environment is more likely to reach his developmental milestones faster. He is also more likely to have improved nervous system development and demonstrate a superior attention span, memory and sense of curiosity. A stimulating environment is one that arouses the senses.

You can create a stimulating environment by focusing on colors, textures, shapes and sounds.

Achieve contrasting walls

Having a room with contrasting colors will help your child to focus on high-contrast objects and determine where one shape ends and another begins. Apply wallpaper to the walls consisting of a design with contrasting colors. Stay away from black and white. Too strong of a contrast can lead to over-stimulation and a fussy child.

Dutch wallpaper company Eijffinger’s, Hits 4 Kids collection, gives you a backdrop to a fantasy world perfect for conjuring up stories. Walls that ignite images of monkeys swinging through the tropical rainforest, giraffes trotting jauntily over vast African plains. A curious owl turning its head, hidden deeply in the forest. Create a space to indulge in possibilities.

Introduce a variety of textures

Textured pieces in a variety of shapes and colors will provide visual stimulation in addition to textile stimulation. You can add texture on the floor with a rug.The best part is that they are easy to wash and quite durable.

Kids Rugs are designed by Brink and Campman and made to the highest standards by expert weavers with a 100% Pure New Wool. Wool is known as the most suitable material for weaving due to favorable characteristics. Wool is stain resistant, isolating and offers a unique strand structure.

Practical floor
Laminate floors are the most practical, when doing the kid’s room. It’s easy to clean and maintain making it hassle free. It is durable and scratch resistant and has the look of wood which is beautiful. Select from the geff range of laminates.
Window Decor

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep directly impacts your child's mental and physical development and by age 2, your child has spent 40 percent of their childhood sleeping. How much light coming into your child's room will affect the quality of sleep.

If you're looking to block sunlight in a bright bedroom or provide privacy in your living room, choose cotton curtains with a tight weave, or opt for a cotton panel with lining. Guess Who fabric is 100% cotton comes in light hearted and imaginative designs that celebrate being a fun-loving kid, with its abundance of whimsical animals, bold stripes, playful patterns and funky florals.

Stylish, practical, fun, cosy and comfortable – our selection of children’s bedroom decorating ideas will keep the kids happy from toddler to teen and all ages in-between. Time to release your inner child…

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