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01 May 2017 Goodrich-Global---May-2017_2_minimalist Interior Showcase - Minimalist Elegance

Do not worry that your minimalist house interior will be boring and stiff. You can just change some in your interior design and make you are interior look elegant and luxurious. Here are 4 ways to tone interior deco down, yet keeping it classy and achieve the elegance of minimalist design.

Clear the Decks
One aspect of the elegance of modern design is cleanliness. Both in the materials you select for the home and how well you look after them. Consider, for example, using hardwood floors. These hard surfaces are not only more functionally fitting, but they don’t trap in light like going overboard on fabrics. Keep décor and housework simple by thinking about how to incorporate cleaner, clearer surfaces in the home.

Flooring from EcoClick+ is the proven Click LVT installed in the global market mainly for commercial installation with its unique structure of unparallel dimensional stability and patented click joint system, “Click n go” and “Drop n go”

Tone down the coolness
Some people enjoy leaving their walls completely bare, but you can also add some extra texture and warmth with inspiring pieces of art that match the overall theme. The best way to tone down the coolness of such an environment is definitely the use of rugs and cushions.

Fabrics from Momentum 7 and 8, Harlequin are Inspired by architecture and abstract interpretations of natural forms, the design-led fabrics, Momentum 7 and 8, capture the essence of the most sophisticated international boutique hotels by cleverly combining elements of matt and shine, texture and tone

Keep Colors Bright
Minimalist design relies on space and light. Those two aspects give your home a spacious, clean look. The colors you use in the home can have a huge effect on that. A few ways people do this is to use black and white to better emphasize the space of their rooms. Others make use of lighter, sky blues and natural, light woods for their walls.

Leather Last
Leather upholstery lasts for a lifetime, so leather furniture is something that will become more aesthetically pleasing as years go by. Leather upholstery brings a sense wealth and luxury into a design aesthetic for living room decoration.

With crypton embedded into Conneaut leather, crypton’s advanced stain, moisture and microbial technology is now able to protect and beautify our leather surfaces while greatly extending the lifespan of the furniture. The end result is a stain-free, worry-free surface that looks beautiful.

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