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17 February 2017

It can be challenging to design a great space for a commercial property. It makes it tougher to create luxurious looking space on top of the usual needs e.g. The space must be functional, cost-effective, must be inviting to clients and visitors and cater to efficient operation.

Here are 4 simple tips to make commercial space looks expensive while easy on the budget.


More than anything, commercial and hospitality spaces should provide comfort, that feeling of a home away from home. No matter how luxurious, technology friendly and weird-themed the room, coziness is a major factor to consider.

The addition of carpet will have a strong impact on the visitors and contrary to widespread opinion; carpet is actually much cleaner than other surfaces. Dusty air is much less in places with carpets, since it practically captures them and then easily removes it with a simple vacuum cleaner.

Shanhua hand-tufted carpet is known for their high quality and rich design, range in style from modern to classical. Because of their luxurious decorate design; they are used in a variety of areas and applications. They may be used in a wall to wall installation in a ballroom, dining room, or guest room, VIP and high class meeting rooms.

Natural Materials

People have always perceived the leather as a symbol of luxury and splendour. Since ancient times, until today this natural material is a loved and preferred material, which is applied widely in the furnishing residential and commercial premises.

Goodrich offers chrome-free leathers that are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We recommend the use of CC Leather to create a beautiful blend for comfortable and functional room. CC Leather cover needs for upholstery, wall-paneling, floor coverings and furniture, as well as fire-rated and other specialty leathers, including automotive, aircraft and marine leathers.

Less Pattern, More Color and Texture

Instant aging of materials and adding texture and depth to a space can intrigue one’s senses. To add on a small indulgence touch, choose a more subdued shade as it often result in interior spaces that are inviting, unobtrusive and all-together more relaxing.

A good start for this look is to focus on the walls. Greys and muted colours are the most suitable. Instead of a plain grey paint, a wallcovering with some design and texture might be just what you need. Beyond wallcoverings from Phillip Jeffries, feature hazy sky in a multitude of grey hues will fit perfectly with this design scheme.

Sleek and Clean

Finally, pick out timeless classic flooring. Vinyl by geff features a wide collection that is easy to clean and durable. The GEFF Vinyl Luxury Plank collection comes in 10 colourways and is widely known as “water-proof laminate floor” by consumers. These wood look-alike flooring is scratch resistance, water-proof, anti-slip, quiet to walk on and easy to maintain, that is why more residential and commercial sites like offices and shopping centres are installed with this brilliant flooring.

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