01 November 2019

Featuring a captivating and fresh range of ten prints, weaves and embroideries, Antiquary from Zoffany is a fabulously useable collection of luxurious fabrics designed to work in perfect harmony with the entire Zoffany range.

Zoffany Antiquary Fabrics embrace the brands look and feel and Alchemy of Colour. Within this range of striking range of prints, weaves and embroideries you may find new and archive designs that meld with European and Asian influences to create striking florals, stylised leaves and paisley motifs which allow for versatility when used for both stylised curtains and stunning upholstery.

Bizarre Velvet is being characterised by stylised leaves and striking flowerheads, this largescale asymmetrical pattern is a playful reinterpretation of a bizarre silk. Metallic inks represent the gold and silver threads originally found in silks towards the end of the 17th century and a subtle contrast of matt and shine brings an opulence to this whimsical Zoffany velvet.

Cosmati Embroidery, named after the Cosmati family famed for their decorative mosaics, this heavyweight fabric is densely embroidered on a satin ground. A fabulous colour carrier, the jigsaw design effortlessly pulls together the pieces of a decorating story.

This ever-giving design of exotic cacti and unusual double flowerheads is resplendent in Zoffanys Alchemy of Colour. Printed on a fine cotton satin, Desert Flower II is an eye-catching floral and an authentic representation of a chintz from the Mulhouse archive.

Indienne Print is a design that dates way back but reproduced on a fine 100% linen quality that has a lovely drape and delightful handle, and a grand pattern repeat with a vintage look and time worn appearance ideal for a classic set of curtains or light domestic upholstery.

Koyari Paisley which is a 100% wool upholstery weight fabric with a tactile nature and wonderfully soft cloth it is reminiscent of a fine paisley shawl, with a delightful soft handle and works well on sofas and upholstery.

Oiseaux de Paradis displays a plethora of stylised birds, leaves and flowers perched amongst a damask-like trellis. Exquisite embroidery techniques combine to give depth and relief to this fabulously soft, Jacobean inspired fabric.

With its kaleidoscope of delicious colours, Prismatic from Zoffany is an exceptionally versatile space dyed abstract ikat. Expertly drawing a scheme together, this weave of meandering shades introduces a cohesiveness to contemporary interiors when paired with hero designs.

Richmond Park Velvet for example is an upholstery weight velvet that shares a glamourous multidimensional feel with the design that is far-reaching branches and sunlight dappled leaves, also available as a linen fabric.

Another potentially stunning Zoffany Curtain fabric is Suzani Archive Weave that has a technique embroidered on a 100% linen cloth with a composition and technique of heavy blend of wool, metallic twisted and viscose yarns which introduce an artisan look to create an absolutely stunning design that is suitable for drapes and occasional upholstery. This luxurious Zoffany fabric range is designed to work in perfect harmony with the entire range.

This collection consists of 29 different designs. It is strongly recommended for hospitality and residential projects.

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