13 July 2020

Savanna, seeks inspiration from the open spaces and wonderous places that define these tropical grasslands. A vast array of colors, textures and patterns are inspired by these faraway lands. A total of 11 collections were being launched during this summer. Feel the warm breeze and the heat of the sun, catch a glimpse of a zebra grazing in the lush grass, meander through markets of brightly colored crafts. Get ready for a journey that engages a ll of your senses – welcome to Savanna.

REPTILIAN FLAIR - Exotic reptiles inspire a multi-dimensional snakeskin design full of movement, depth and drama. HANDCRAFTED - Manila Hemp is dyed, cut and then hand-laid by artisans into a multi-color reptilian pattern atop a colored or metallic ground for a glamorous effect. A selection of coordinating hemp grounds are available and noted on tip card. This collection consist of 4 colours with Artisans Guild Binder.

2 collection under the name of SAFARI:
WILD THING - Take a walk on the wild side with the small scaled design classic CHEETAH CLOTH, a jacquard woven that plays with matte and shine yarns for a timeless texture in traditional and modern colorations.

Design stampede - A boldly striped animal print motif takes the walls in large scaled ZEBRA CLOTH, a jacquard woven that plays with matte and shine yarns for a wild and graphic texture in classic and modern colorations.

5 colourways available for Safari – Cheetah cloth and zebra cloth. Woven in Europe on a jacquard loom for slightly raised woven texture in matte and shine yarns for subtle surface drama. Textile is then expertly laminated and applied with stain repellent finish for ease in installation.

Relaxed yet refined - Soft, sun-bleached linens line the walls in shades influenced by the earthy tones of the Savanna for a classic yet casual design vibe. All in the details - Fibers are dyed prior to weaving for consistent coloring, then woven and treated with an anti-fray treatment for ease in installation. 11 colours.

In this Summer Savana Collection, there are 3 vinyl collection

ICONIC INSPIRATION - The look of refined canvas linens in a relaxed palette of soft, classic hues is available in performance vinyl - merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today’s performance wallcoverings. 13 colours available for Vinyl Canvas Linens.

MODERN MOVEMENT - A crisp graphic element ignites the walls with a chevron paperweave available in performance vinyl - merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today’s performance wallcoverings. 13 colours available for Vinyl Chevron Chic.

STRIPED SOPHISTICATION - Rich and rustic, the look of multicolor wood planks with a bold abstract stripe for a touch of graphic drama is available in Performance Vinyl - merging luxe design with the durability and technology offered by today’s performance wallcoverings. 9 colours available for Vinyl Zebrawood.

FRESH TAKE - New two-color woven RAINFOREST RAFFIA is paired with new colors of refined ISLAND RAFFIA and the boldly textured AFRICAN RAFFIA for a collection full of textural options. HANDCRAFTED - Woven of only the highest quality raffia, materials are harvested, sorted, cleaned and dried before weaving even begins. Once woven, the collections are expertly laminated and treated with a stain repellent finish. 30 colours available for Raffia Retreat.

Raffia is hand sorted, cleaned and dried before the weaving begins. Due to the nature of raffia, there may be a slight variance in texture and color. This is part of the inherent beauty of natural wallcoverings. Woven of the highest quality raffia, only the top 20% of the crop is used. For RAINFOREST RAFFIA, collection is yarn dyed then woven into a two-color design. AFRICAN RAFFIA is woven in its natural color and ISLAND RAFFIA is colored after weaving in our mill in Japan. For all collections, Japanese artisans take great care in the finishing process which includes:
• Steaming the raffia
• Straightening the raffia
• Lamination
• Applying stain repellent finish

ECLECTIC CHARM - Adventure in the art of traditional fabrics inspire a geometric yet organic print design with a rich cultural story. HANDCRAFTED - A unique process using a laser cut gravure roller releases ink as it is rolled onto our handcrafted grounds for a more consistent print. Grounds include Canvas Linen, Chain Mail and Island Raffia. 6 colours available for Kuba Cloth.

Kuba is printed by artisans for a unique handcrafted effect. A unique process using a laser cut gravure roller releases ink as it is rolled onto our handcrafted grounds for a more consistent print. Printed on a variety of handcrafted grounds including Canvas Linen, Chain Mail and Island Raffia, the variety of texture and colors create a unique play with pattern and texture.

ECLECTIC FLAIR - A boldly scaled graphic pattern with a touch of tribal meets a fresh palette in this three-dimensional diamond design. HANDCRAFTED - Paper is dyed prior to weaving, cut into thin strips and woven into a largely scaled, two-color diamond design that is virtually seamless. Meticulously laminated, this mix of a bold pattern with fresh colors creates a striking statement for the walls. 8 colours available for Savanna Weave.

SANDS OF TIME - Rustic Saharan sunsets and sights inspire a modern take on horizontal grasscloth weave. HANDCRAFTED - Natural banana and cotton fibers are woven together and laminated atop a printed colored paper for a unique juxtaposition of modern art and an organic weave. 4 colours available for Saharan Straw.

The beauty of natural grasscloth meets innovative printing techniques. Banana and cotton fibers are woven together in an open weave full of unique texture. Separately, the ground paper is printed with a two color abstract horizontal stripe reminiscent of modern brushstrokes. The banana and cotton weave is stretched, then laminated atop the printed ground for a unique juxtaposition of modern art meets organic natural. Lastly, it is applied with an anti-fray and stain repellent finish for ease in installation.

BOLD BASKETWEAVE - The peaks and valleys of coastal Cape Town set the tone for a large-scale graphic basket weave design with a modern beach vibe. HANDCRAFTED - Authentic water hyacinth is colored and hand-laid by artisans in a multi-step process to create a woven pattern that makes a dramatic wall statement. 6 colours available for Cape Town.

Authentic water hyacinth plants are harvested, then stalks are cleaned, bound and left to dry in the sun. Hyacinth is flattened and laminated atop a paper substrate. Artisans then apply a color wash in various applications – a dry brush technique, a light color wash and overall painted application to the hyacinth ground for different effects. Due to the natural characteristics of the water hyacinth, how it absorbs the dye and the type of color application, some colors exude a beautiful watercolor effect with a variance of highs and lows, while others have a more saturated look. After coloring, the hyacinth ground is hand cut into long strips in varying widths. These strips are hand-laid by artisans into a large scale basket weave design atop a white non-woven backing paper. Lastly, a special pressing process is completed and finished with a protective clear coat.

Philip Jeffries – Summer Savanna collection is strongly recommended for walls where you want to make a statement.  Ideal for restaurants, guests rooms, VIP suites and lounges located within hospitality, residential and commercial settings

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