22 July 2020

Goodrich Flooring catalogue 2020 showcases a wide range of flooring that is suitable for residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality and education projects. This updated catalogue offers endless flooring options such as Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Stone Polymer Composite (SPC), Vinyl Sheet and Engineered Timber.

Over the last 3 years, Goodrich has seen the increased demand for Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection consists of several brands like GEFF Vinyl Signature, Ecoclick+, Loom+ and Orchid+. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) is touted to be modern and innovative flooring materials recently. Furthermore, they are frequently the first choice for many interior designers and homeowners. These aesthetically pleasing, high-quality and yet durable floorings are suitable for private and commercial projects.

The design textures on the Luxury Vinyl Tiles look close to natural wood grains. Goodrich’s LVT offers an optimal solution for any interior project and ensures uniformity across the rooms in colours and designs. The installation method of Luxury Vinyl Tiles will be either floating (click system) or dry-back (glue-down).

Combining strength, performance, luxury and style, the latest Luxury Vinyl Tiles are here to provide a floor covering with lasting beauty at affordable prices. Ranging from beautiful hardwood to attractive mineral designs, every plank is designed to bring the freshness of nature indoors, for a year-round natural effect. Each and every plank is unique and aims to cater to every design need.

The ranges will be GEFF Engineered Timber and Loft-160

Among all the flooring options available at Goodrich, the Engineered Timber Flooring is the only natural wood product flooring. Engineered Timber flooring will be the most classic among all floorings and the designs offered at both timeless and classic. Its material quality represents a natural and yet pleasant living experience. The wide variety of designs and formats allow for more personalised floor designs.

Goodrich Engineered Timber Floorings is highly durable, creates a positive indoor climate, is warm underfoot and has considerable charisma. Wood floors have been widely recognized to have the ability to transform rooms, creating a welcoming and natural feel that complements all decors and furnishings.

Engineered Timber Floorings are designed to be dimensionally more stable than solid wood, engineered wood floors are uniformly prefinished with Ultra Violet (UV) coatings so as to ensure perfect room completion upon installation. Our collection covers a wide variety of wood species that suit every taste, ranging from modern to classic.

Our Stone Polymer Composite Flooring collection consists of GEFF X Plus and Performa. These options are suitable for homes, offices, classrooms and public areas. Stone Polymer Composite in short, SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) is the floor for universal application. It has a rigid core board that perfectly evens out bumps and dented areas in the substrate. Renovation works on tiles can give the living space a new and completely fresh look with little effort. Stone polymer composite floorings are the ideal choice for demanding or challenging room situations such as large rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and conservatories. It also lends a special atmosphere to damp rooms.

Goodrich’s Vinyl Sheet collection consists of Medintech Plus, Medintone, Starlux, Pastell and Timberline which are typically used for large floor areas for healthcare and education projects. Homogeneous vinyl sheet is made of one single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of the colour. While on the other hand, a heterogeneous vinyl sheet is made from multi-layered flooring which comes in wide range of beautiful patterns with various design possibilities. This feature gives a look of natural flooring materials. Compared with other flooring materials, both homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets are affordable solutions and are incredibly stain resistant. These benefits make these two types of vinyl flooring a great choice for heavy traffic areas.

Our Vinyl Floorings are coated with the latest technology, Diamond 10 Coating. They are tough as diamonds, easy to clean, more durable and anti-chemical. Thanks to its sterile and aseptic characteristics, Goodrich’s vinyl sheet is designed to excel in medical environments as well as other high-traffic commercial areas such as hospitals, research laboratories, where cleanliness, durability, and maintenance are major focuses.

Our flooring options are endless at Goodrich and they are all certified eco-friendly by Singapore Green Building Council. Without a doubt, our floor coverings will give you the assurance of safety and security.

Product Catalogue:  Goodrich Flooring 2020
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