24 July 2020

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that COVID-19 may travel on shoes too. So how do we sanitize our footwear before we enter our homes and office so as to reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus from spreading? At Goodrich, we offer Kleen –Sanitize Floor Mat which allows one to brush off the dust and sanitize our footwear by simply stepping on it. It is highly recommended to have these mats placed at the entrances of residential, commercial, healthcare, education and restaurants. In addition, the Kleen-Sanitize Floor Mat will be most appropriate to be placed at the entrances of any high traffic areas.

How does the Kleen-Santize Floor Mat works? It is a 2-Step process: 
Step 1: Clean the shoes on Sanitizing Footbath
Step 2: Step on nylon mat to dry and remove dust before entry. The mat is scratch resistant too.

What are the steps needed to maintain the Kleen-Sanitize Floor Mat? 
Step 1: Clean and dry the floor before placing Kleen-Sanitize mat so it will sit firmly on the floor.
Step 2: Fill sanitizer in the footbath until the absorbent pad is soaked approximately with 0.5 – 1 litre of sanitizing solution. Refill sanitizer every 2- 3 hours and depending on frequency of traffic entering the building. 
Step 3: For the absorbent pad that is with the needle punch textures must be placed on top.
Step 4: Clean and dry the Kleen-Sanitize Floor Mat and absorbent pad every day for hygiene and durability

- Avoid using “Dettol” as there will be a white stain appearing on the rubber.
- Do not use sanitizers that contain Sodium Hypochlorite (e.g. Haiter).
- Keep the floors and surrounding areas dry at all times.

How does one clean the mat?
- Spray the mat with a water hose.
- Clean with a soft brush using a diluted mild detergent mixed with water.
- Avoid the use of bleaching agents.
- Only use carpet cleaners which is the extractor type. 
- Avoid using the rotary type.
- Dry under the shade only.
- Avoid drying under the direct sunlight.
- Store the dried mats by rolling them up or lay them flat. 
- Avoid folding the mats.

Product Specifications
Material of mats : 100% Nitrile rubber (NBR)/ 100% Solution dyed nylon, cut pile
Material of Absorbent pad (refill) : type A: Needle Punch fabric / type B: Non-woven fabric
     Finished  : 80 x 150 cm
     Sanitizing footbath (W x H x D) : 39.5 x 70.5 x 0.4 cm 
     Nylon fabric (W x H)  : 70 x 97 cm
     Border : 5 cm
     Absorbent pad : 39 x 69 cm
Capacity of Sanitizing Footbath : Approx. 0.5 Litre
Dust collecting : Approx. 600 g/sqm
Total weight : Approx. 5 kg/sqm (6 kg/piece)
Total Height : Approx. 13 mm
     Nylon fabric : Black Brown 
     Absorbent pad : Type A: Needle Punch – Brown/ Type B: Non-woven - Black
Surface Flammability : Pass ASTM D 2859 (> 1 inch)
High-Traction : Pass NFSI 101-C
(Slip and Trip resistance on clean and dry floor)

To reduce the risks of COVID-19 virus from spreading by footwear, place the Kleen –Sanitize Floor Mat at the entrances of residential, commercial, healthcare, education and restaurants.

Product Catalogue:  Kleen Sanitize Mat
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