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07 September 2020

Delicatesse Fabrics by the European brand, Camengo, is a delightful creation with depth, a natural and authentic look, which plays with the light and textures in a poetic manner. There are 19 designs available in this collection. Each design tells a different story.

There is a large vast collection to choose from which are suitable for residential interior projects.

1. LISON SHEER - Spring grasses have been delicately embroidered on a linen look sheer. The velvety finish of the buds gives them a just-opened look.

2. MAJESTIC - The weave is airy, light and delicate. Its slight pearl like textures and its subtle gleam bring to it the elegance of a remarkably sophisticated vibe.

3. SARASOTA - The wide stripes seem to have been painted with brush-strokes. Tonal colours blend together beautifully and their strength contrasts with the translucent transparency of the voile curtain fabrics

4. CLÉMENCE - This wide voile fabric lets the grasses express themselves in the light : embroidered using 2 threads : viscose for shines and cotton for volume.

5. ISLA - A superbly worked composite jacquard, with a white warp and coloured weft, a natural linen voile as soft as a gentle breeze.

6. HORTENSE - Japanese style branches printed on an extremely light, airy voile, softly rocked by a breeze, in a slightly misty light.

7. OYA - Finely embroidered dotted lines cover the whole length of the “OYA” voile, like precious pearls elegantly flowing with a supple and spontaneous movement. It brings softness and calm to your décor.

8. CAPULET - This voile, which has the beauty of linen, has been printed and then over-printed with the foil print technic, creating depths, shimmering, and catching the light.

9. TIRADE - “TIRADE” is embroidered on a wide voile, to create perfectly coordinated creations. The linen is finished by means of stubbed polyester cotton yarn for an easy-care fabric.

10. OKAMA - This organza voile is composed of hexagons woven using a compact and narrow cotton. The contrast with the transparency of the voile is distinct, softened by the fringes thus adding a raw touch and an aerial perception, they seem to float in the breeze

11. PAVANE - “Pavane” is a delicately woven gauze voile, with raffia yarns giving shine and depth to this exquisite item. Light, delicate shimmer, subtle transparency. It dresses windows with grace and prestige, for drops up to 320cm !

12. RIVE - Light and delicate, the resulting luminosity is very natural. Height / Drop: 280cm

13. DANUBE SHEER - Danube” has also been imagined on a light voile to intensify the shadows and contrasts. The branches seem weightless and the window looks to be shaded by a fine mist. Height / Drop : 280cm.

14. PAPEETE - The “Papeete” voile is woven using textured, fancy yarns, like a fishing- net with authentic charm. The multi-coloured version is cheerful; the natural shades are like a gentle sigh. Created in double-height it can also be used widthways, it is ideal for high ceiling and long patio-doors.

15. VELOUTÉ - This clean and sophisticated voile is inspired by the delicacy of frost. Like a light mist, its structure is easy, its bouclé fabric is downy, its shades are marled. It lets light in, warming the window. With a 309cm drop, it can also be used widthways.

16. SHETLAND - A thick cotton yarn which could almost be mistaken for wool. “Shetland” has slightly irregular downy bands, like broken lines, on a light jacquard, delicate and extremely soft. This superb creation, with a fluid drape, is woven to give a 318cm drop.

17. AIR - This lightweight voile curtain is finely embroidered with dots in relief, like pearl necklaces, forming both floral and geometric lines. A beautiful play of light and transparency, all in femininity!

Product Showcase: Delicatesse Fabric

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