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Let your walls do the talking with delectable textures, colours, prints and patterns that expresses your personal style. Choose from our extensive selection to fit any residential or commercial spaces.

  • Residential
    From metallic hues, textured or intricately printed vinyl wallcoverings to rich textiles, our range of wallcoverings will give you the flexibility to balance aesthetic preference with functional benefits. You can be sure that your home will stay beautiful for years to come.

  • Hospitality
    Conscious of the need for flexibility in the hospitality industry, Goodrich Global is pleased to offer our expertise in customizing wallcovering to complete any design scheme. Without a focus on products which exceed the industry standards for sensibility, resilience and cutting-edge design, Goodrich Global remains a valuable resource for the design community.

  • Commercial
    At Goodrich Global, our specialized contract team offers a personalized and responsive service to follow a project from start to finish and provide a material-library with fabrics, carpets, floorings, and wall materials with thousands of references.

  • Institutions

  • Kids collection
    Colourful designs with animals, flowers and toy cars will ignite a child’s imagination and give them an insight of the world we live in. Dress your child’s room with wallcovering from Goodrich.

  • Digital
    There is no better way to personalize a space than a digitally printed wallcovering. Treasured moments can be immortalized while adding character to home and work spaces. A unique print can be achieved with personal photographs or a ready library of cityscapes, maps, geometric patterns, and artistic illustrations.

  • Eco-friendly
    In homes, work and public spaces, an eco-conscious choice encompasses sustainability, health and safety concerns. Goodrich Global is conscious of the impact that its actions have on the environment and the communities which we operate in. Enjoy peace of mind while decorating with a completely personalized ambience with our stylish eco-friendly offerings.