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Amazone Fabric

Amazone Fabric

Amazone Fabric

For 2019, Camengo has prepared an uncompromisingly optimistic year. Rich in colours, carefree and pulsating with positive energy, to fill the house with small and immense bursts of happiness every second !Its main inspirations draw their beauty from the purity of spring and summer, breath-taking destinations and the desire to indulge oneself, warmth and generosity... ‘Mademoiselle’ cultivates a fresh and poetic spirit, delightfully floral and delectablyinfused with delicious tones…‘Ibiza’ and ‘Amazone’ settle into an  amazing holiday home, bathed in sunlight and open all year long to enjoy its “joie de vivre”, luminosity and ethnic influences. ‘Elite’ fulfils the desire for daily luxury, exquisite materials and ultra-design trends : a truly sublime surprise !

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

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