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Armstrong Medintone(Indent)

Medintone is the best-selling homogenous vinyl sheet flooring in chips visual with spectacular designs. While Simpurity is the more economical choice homogenous vinyl sheet flooring designed for the calm spaces with peaceful colours.

Both homogenous vinyl sheet ranges have a layer of UV-cured coating, which is anti-Betadine, resistant to staining and does not favor the growth of bacteria and mould and meets ISO Class 5 Cleanroom classification. Ideal for Healthcare segment.


Country of Origin : China
Dimensions Per Roll : L:23000mm, W:2000mm, Thk:2mm
Size/Roll : 40m2

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

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Medintone Collection - Armstrong Medintone(Indent) Medintone_1 Collection - Armstrong Medintone(Indent) Medintone_2 Collection - Armstrong Medintone(Indent)