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NOX Orchid+

As if harvested straight from nature, NOX Orchid boasts a wide variety of floor designs, covering woods, stones, and other uniquely created designs. These glue-down(a.k.a dry-back) vinyl planks come in various dimensions and thickness to fulfil your architectural and design needs. Coupling Eco-Multi-TectureTM and Eco-Pro-TecTM, NOX Orchid+ is designed to withstand scratches and prevent bacterial stagnation on the surface while maintaining a structurally sound core for long-lasting beauty and performance. NOX orchid+ is perfectly suitable for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and institutional usages because of its impressive performance in fire resistance, chemical resistance, slip resistance as well as colour fastness.

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore

* Subject to availability

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