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Gilded Accent & Grid Wallpapers

The art of handcrafted a living tradition for over 100 years, a family-owned mill in japan has practiced the ancient art of leafing. Artisans hand place authentic metallic leaf using hashi - or chopsticks - to create works of art. An enduring glow in a multi-step process reminiscent of stenciling, gold, silver and pewter leafing is applied by artisans in a sequence of shapes on a metallic ground for a large scale geometric pattern. Once leafed, coatings are applied to ensure the collection withstands the test of time. Only phillip jeffries authentic metallic leafing is backed and coated to ensure our wallcoverings are as durable and flexible as they are beautiful. Sealed with a resin finish, the collection is wipeable and resistant to rusting and oxidizing.

Available upon request.

Type: Indent

Country: Singapore
Hong Kong

* Subject to availability

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