16 MARCH 2023

Towards growth in the new era


“The future for Goodrich is vibrant and exciting. Together let us chart the path for the next 10 years, elevating spaces with imagination.” Yasushi Furukawa, Group CEO, Goodrich Global.
Goodrich Global’s 40th anniversary marks a significant milestone. This allows the company to focus on gaining an even stronger foothold in the Southeast Asia region by executing savvy business strategies quicker and more efficiently. The company Goodrich Global can leverage a more robust management system and business infrastructure for rapid growth. This is because it aims to achieve more extensive market share in the Southeast Asia region.
Goodrich Global’s newly-renovated galleries in Singapore and Thailand have set a new milestone in redefining the interior design and decorating experience, drawing top interior design professionals, architects, property developers, hotel owners, and contractors since the galleries’ launch in 2021 and 2022. The refreshed galleries are Goodrich Global’s next steps that place the complete product experience and people at its heart.
Encouraging a sense of exploration and, ultimately, the discovery of Self, are values the brand has held since 1983. Governments worldwide have seen a shift in market dynamics as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The top priority for Goodrich Global is the safety, security, and health of its
Employees. During the crisis, Goodrich Global increased its online presence with product webinars and streamlining processes with digitalisation. By utilising online technology, the company can provide remote working arrangements as well as streamline processes to deliver a cohesive customer experience.
Moving forward, the company is actively improving its business efficiency by establishing an integrated manufacturing and sales system. Goodrich Global has taken an unprecedentedly aggressive stance from various perspectives on product development, logistics, and sales structures. All these efforts are intended to make a smooth transition from a traditional interior furnishing supplier to a “Space Creation Company” as set forth in Goodrich Global’s long-term corporate vision. The ongoing initiative will serve as a growth impetus and driving force for the next generation.
As a “Space Creation Company,” Goodrich Global aims to become a company valued by its stakeholders that contributes to society by elevating spaces through skilled creative visualisation. It is a vibrant business ethos, providing value and allowing customers to elevate spaces, be educated on product capabilities, and exchange ideas to create engaging spaces with enriching experiences. At the back end of this enriched customer experience, its project teams work in tandem to create a positive economic impact; inspire the next generation; invest in future talent; build an inclusive workplace, and enhance a sense of community.
A “Space Creation Company” as defined by Goodrich Global, offers its customers holistic functions and processes in the design, delivery, and construction aspects of space through purposeful visualisation. Economic value is generated when Goodrich Global continues to grow and enhance various business functions related to space. We combine them with creative ideas for a broad range of comprehensive designs. In turn, these designs provide value to the design community as well as direct customers. By actualising its capacity and capability as a “Space Creation Company,” Goodrich Global strives for a stronger and more proactive position in the value chain. In addition to gaining economic value, Goodrich Global consciously creates social value to heighten its corporate presence.
This is in line with its vision to achieve a society that is inclusive, sustainable, and creative. Goodrich Global, a “Space Creation Company”, woos the public with its innovative ideas and effective design solutions. This is the intrinsic social value when Goodrich Global delivers benefits for its local communities as a “Space Creation Company.”

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