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“We create a space full of comfort and hope with all people”

Spaces where people spend time can bring comfort and hope to their lives. A safe and comfortable space gives us the power of living for tomorrow. A space filled with joy and excitement gives us the power to dream for the future.

Goodrich Global aspires to create mindful spaces with sustainability and inclusivity best practices full of comfort and hope for everyone.  Spaces that spark joy that empower us to dream for the future through the power of design and creativity.
Goodrich aims to extend our offerings not limited to just simply products but we are transforming into a Space Creation company to include not only interior and exterior but an entire living space. Goodrich Global as part of The Sangetsu Group shares the wishes and challenges of all people and seeks to create a world where everyone can share their dreams for tomorrow through the power of design and creativity.

Our Corporate Philosophy


We create a space full of comfort and hope with all people.


A world where everyone can share their dreams for tomorrow.


Having corporate integrity makes a positive impact on society.


Freedom and Fairness
Independence and Co-creation
Evolution and Advancement

Joy of Design Video

Enjoyable Spaces to Dream

Goodrich’s approach to inclusive interior design aims to deliver spaces for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, and circumstance to benefit from mindful spaces that are:

Approach to Inclusivity

Goodrich Global places people at the heart of its interior design process. Its curation of wallcovering, fabrics, flooring, and carpets makes spaces usable by everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, and circumstance.
The company works closely with interior designers, architects, developers and stakeholders where designing for a wider range of people challenges it to think more creatively, to incorporate novel ideas, and to consider innovative ways of engaging people, beyond the creative visual
1. Equality of experience
2. Working with people
3. Building on best practices

Approach To Global Environmental Conservation Through Products

Goodrich Global defines eco-friendly products in the following categories, and contributes to the improvement of the global environment and living environment through the development and sales of eco-friendly products.
1. Energy saving
2. Resource saving
3. Durability
4. Relationship with biodiversity

Realizing a Sustainable Society

Goodrich Global is committed to implementing sustainable interior design through best business practices such as resource conservation, renewable energy, and environmental justice initiatives. Doing so limits pollution, reduces energy usage, and encourages smart use of resources for long-term sustainability as an essential part of protecting our environment for ourselves and future generations.