31 July 2023



Easy assimilation of brand values by customers, superior branding.

Goodrich Global was established in 1983 and has been building its brand to a superior level ever since. With a reputation for quality and trust, Goodrich has become synonymous with wallcoverings, carpetsflooring, and fabrics. Goodrich strives to provide its customers with innovative designs that are trendsetting and of the highest quality. The company provides the highest quality service and products to its customers and has become the leading distributor and retailer in the industry. In addition, Goodrich has a team of experienced professionals to help customers select the perfect product for their needs. Goodrich’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service has made it a trusted name in the industry.

In June 2012, Goodrich Global was valued by Brand Finance PLC at SG$15.4 million. Goodrich has continued to grow and expand into new markets, offering its products to customers worldwide. Since 2010, the company has also launched eco-friendly products to meet Business to Business needs. Goodrich continues to be a leader in the industry, setting the standard for quality and innovation.


At Goodrich Global, we are dedicated to transforming your personal visions and dreams into tangible reality. Our brand vision revolves around the seamless integration of a diverse array of products, services, insights, and experiences.

Creativity, Quality, and Value: The Goodrich Global Promise

Goodrich Global has become synonymous with creativity, quality, and value. Our brand embodies a steadfast commitment to empowering our customers to achieve their goals. As we look towards the future, our aspiration is to serve as an inspiring fusion of aesthetics and functionality—a conduit that connects individuals on a global scale while honoring their unique identities and aspirations.

IN WHAT WAY DOES OUR BRAND SHINE? The following are four key points.

1. Our goal is to provide our customers and shareholders with creative and effective solutions.
2. In order to meet the unique needs of each customer, we offer a selection of products tailored to meet those needs.
3. Tests are conducted extensively to ensure that our products meet our rigorous internal standards.
4. Creating a passion-driven, talent-driven environment is one of our core values.


Authentic: Personable, sincere, and professional, we strive to fulfill the needs of each customer.
Dynamic: We are versatile, enterprising, and confident because we are up to date with current trends.
Fun: We’re energetic, passionate, and energetic, and enjoy life to the fullest.
Stylish: Our artful, tasteful and unique styling exudes an aesthetic and creative sense.


Integrity: We value trust, mutual respect, and honour in our relationships.
Professionalism: Our commitment to delivering what we promise is paramount.
Teamwork: We work together with our employees and customers to achieve our shared goals.
Idea-Driven: Our goal is to bring you better products and services every day.