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The profound colour compositions of NOX Loom+ comes in diversified tones, covering neutral, cool, warm, light, and dark. This interestingly beautiful woven vinyl floor collection is available in square & rectangular tiles, as well as 1:4 planks for herringbone and basket weave designs. Unlike other woven vinyl floor options in the market, NOX Loom+ offers only the best of quality to our customers, meaning fray-proof and colourfast floors that are built to beautify and satisfy. This slip-resistant, chemical resistant and silent vinyl floor is suitable for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and institutional applications. Download Below Brochures: LOOM+ 2nd Collection (Herringbone) LOOM+ 2nd Collection (Melange) LOOM+ 2nd Collection (Ombre) LOOM+ 3rd Collection (POP)


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