30 June 2020

In order to stem the spread of the coronavirus, social interactions around the world are being restricted. With no changes to social behaviour, one infected person will on average pass the virus to 2.5 people within five days. After 30 days, the figure would rise to a devastating 406 new infections. The number can be significantly reduced though by engaging in less social contact. With a 50 percent reduction, the number of new infections caused by the average person after 30 days is just 15 people. A 75 percent change would result in an even lower 2.5 new cases - greatly reducing the burden on health services and, if followed by everybody, allowing a country to 'flatten the curve' of new infections - by Robert A. J. Signer, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Diego. 

Social distancing among workplace comes into play in the current COVID-19 situation. This will be the new normal for the workforce communities, perhaps indefinitely. Using this period, you could consider refurbishing your office with some of our products that comply with hospital standards and elegant enough to beautify your workspace. 

Goodrich Global is the leading supplier of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets and flooring materials. With 37 years of experience and our track records, you could definitely trust us with our products.

 1. Wallcovering conserves resources

Most quality wall coverings can be easily scrubbed and cleaned, which means less money spent on labor and repairs over time. Depending on the size of your space, washable wallpaper could save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per year. PremierWall Vogue & PremierWall Ruby has amazing features that can withstands hospital-grade cleaners & disinfections. No change when tested to 300+ cleaning cycles. Wallcoverings from the Ruby collection are all Singapore Green Building Certified green products which also contain 10% of recycled content. This collection is ideal for usage in residential, commercial and hotels too. There are 18 designs with 336 SKU that also include horizontal and vertical stripes and marble inspired wall designs. In this Vogue collection, you will find the beige wallcovering are available in various textures like rattan weaves. Besides, you will like wonderful linen textures that give off subtle shine which will look great for a small space. On the other hand, the grey muted wallcoverings come in designs like: striped, metallic accents and foiled like textures. This gamut of designs from casual elegance to utmost sophistication will modern yet timeless. The 50 designs here will certainly create the right mood for whichever style you want.

Working environments are the key component for a successful business, regular reviews of the use of office space are essential to make sure that your team feels motivated and productive. The fact that just the slight changes in decorating your office can affect the productivity of your employees explains the importance of office renovation.

In the longer term, experts predict that society’s heightened awareness of contagious diseases could usher in a new type of office – one that has elem

2.Reupholster your office chairs

Is your current office chair worn out and doesn’t match the office design? Instead of spending money on new office chairs, you could get Concertex Warp to reupholster your office chairs. Our new fabric collection that fuses energy and softness into a fresh upholstery pattern. Developed to replicate the warmth of a woven, Warp is a digitally printed vinyl with a gentle ombre stripe. Boasting over 250,000 double rubs and offering a Graffiti-Free finishing, the durable pattern has exceptional stain protection and cleanability attributes. It is bleach cleanable and complies with hospital standards. Offered in six comfortably colorful colourways and mildly embossed for added interest, the pattern is extremely versatile. Warp’s soft, tranquil appearance and lively characteristics blend beautifully in your workspace. 

3. Residential is the new workspace

In many office flooring designs, we are seeing the trends that create more of a welcoming and home-like feel in workspaces. For this reason, NOX EcoClick+ is popular in many office settings due to the warm and inviting wood aesthetics that evoke a comforting feel. NOX EcoClick+ is equipped with features such as Eco-Pro-TecTM Shield and coated anti-bacterial and fungal. It is highly resistant against scratches and the Eco-Multi-TectureTM Core ensures superior dimensional stability of the planks/tiles. The has achieved the maximum 4-ticks in the Singapore Green Building Product certification. Under the BCA Green Mark Scheme in Singapore, having to specify a higher-rated Singapore Green Building Product Certification product will accrue more points, and with ✓✓✓✓ 4-ticks you will be able to score 1 additional point in the certification scheme. It is beneficial for employees to feel more at home when they work, and being surrounded by familiar textures and surfaces helps to achieve this goal.

4. Low maintenance carpet

Carpet flooring makes a great choice for offices as it offer many benefits including acoustics, air quality, insulation, beauty and style. It is considered the preferred flooring in office buildings. If one is thinking of installing or replacing their carpet flooring can refer to 1993 Shanghai collection. This amazing carpet collection has micro shield antimicrobial treatment and eco fresh features. It is a coating system that kills 99.99 percent of bacteria and has been tested for effectiveness and durability, ensuring that treated surfaces are reducing germs 24/7.

1993 Shanghai collection is the best choice for your commercial flooring needs. Intresting fact of this carpet tiles is that it uses Thrive® BIO: Bio-based Content, a newly invented eco-friendly yarn from Universal in 1993 Shanghai collection. Thrive® bio is made, in part, with plant-based ingredients from a combination of bio-based technology and high-performance solution-dyed nylon. To ensure sustainability efforts matter, green technology is being used to manufacture the products and minimising production wastes. This strived to create a better environment for everyone. As such, Thrive® bio consists of the followings:


In the longer term, experts predict that society’s heightened awareness of contagious diseases could usher in a new type of office – one that has elements in common with a hospital. It seems likely that the experience of living through a pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on the way we work and how our workplaces function.

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