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The kaleidoscope took its name from the ancient Greek words ’kalos’, meaning ‘beautiful’, ’eidos’, ‘that which is seen: form, shape’ and ’skopeo’, ‘to look to, to examine’, hence meaning ‘observation of beautiful forms’. The colourful, complex and constantly shifting shapes and patterns which can be seen if looking through a kaleidoscope have inspired the new Omexco wallcovering collection. The collection "Kaleidoscope" offers endless decorating possibilities…

The printed non-woven wallcoverings are available in a rainbow of colours, from bold and generous shades like coral red, sunny yellow, peacock blue, emerald green, bright fuchsia, lapis lazuli... to more subdued tones such as apricot, Prussian blue, khaki, taupe and finally soft touches of vanilla, chalk white, ivory, azure, pearl grey. Different structures and effects bring the collection to life: some items evoke textures of burnished metal, silk organza or woven sisal, others simulate sand, stone and concrete effects. A few items are enhanced with metallic shimmer of silver, copper, pink gold, platina...


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