Transform Your Dreamy Space with this Clever Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper for Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our personal sanctuaries, offering us a place not just for rest and rejuvenation, but is also a place for refuge and relaxation; a place we can feel totally safe alone when we close the door behind us.

Creating this sanctuary will take careful thought and design so that we achieve the result we wish of our private sanctuary. While some of us may like a tranquil and serene sanctuary, others may prefer a vibrant or opulent one. Whichever way, spending time to sensitively design our bedrooms is a personal and rewarding endeavour that contributes to self-care.

Wallpaper Designs for Bedroom

One of the quickest and most cost-effective way to achieve a definite ambience for the bedroom is the use of wall coverings. Consider calming nature scenes, like a forest or beach, for a tranquil bedroom ambience. Alternatively, soft patterns or neutral tones can create a soothing atmosphere.


First of all consider your style. It should be an inspiring space that you look forward to being in any time of day and night and not just to retire to. Dressing our bedroom is very much akin to dressing ourselves. Our wardrobe collection reflects our authentic style and so our personal sanctuary should be a reflection of that. While the bedroom is the place for personal expression it is also vital that we remember that it is a place that should be conducive for rest. Hence the choice of designs; patterns, colour and texture should be carefully considered. Having said that, it does not mean that we are restricted only to pale coloured minimal patterned designs, within the spectrum of designs that offer restful ambience to a bedroom is a wide range of possibilities.

Nature Inspired

Bringing the outdoors indoor is an obvious way to create a retreat like ambience. Choosing wall coverings with floral, forest, water or landscape patterns is perfect in setting the scene. Colours too can reflect that of nature such as aquamarine blues, sage green, the pastel colour palette of flowers and the neutral beige or colours of the sandy beach, are all suitable colour range for that relaxing vacation vibe. Using digital printed wallpaper is another clever way to achieve the inspiring image you want for the bedroom. Digital print wall covering enable you to custom the imagery and pattern you wish to create such as mountain-scape or forest scene is made possible with digital print wall covering.\category/wallpaper-wallcovering/digital/

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Pastel palette is an easy colour range to use that is not only soothing it also associated with innocence and gentleness which are good vibes to have in a restful bedroom. Pastel are obvious perhaps for a baby’s bedroom but are also appropriate for the master bedroom or adult room depending on the print you choose.

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