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“We create a space full of comfort and hope for all people.” 

Goodrich Global aspires to create luxurious mindful spaces with elements of inclusivity and aspiration.  Spaces that spark joy and empower us to dream for the future through the power of design and creativity.

With this ethos in mind, Goodrich Global is proud to showcase its expertise in interior furnishing at The Ultimate Luxescape at UltraLuxe Festival 2023 from 13 October to 22 October at the Tent at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.   The 10-day event is poised to be Asia’s annual society season converging jewelry showcases, a watch fair, style runway shows, and red-carpet events.

Discover Goodrich’s curatorial showcases at THE ULTIMATE LUXESCAPE

Explore how Goodrich styled up the ULTIMATE LUXESCAPE which embrace the company’s philosophy of luxury living styles, elevating spaces, and enriching experiences – always. With a focus on niche luxury that elevates nature, culture, talent, passions, and the community, Goodrich’s curated wallcovering, fabrics, and carpets complement showcases of jewelry, timepieces, and living styles from internationally acclaimed brands as they share rare insights and ingenuity.

Embark on a magnificent journey with Goodrich Global as you explore these opulent curations at The Ultimate Luxescape:

VISION SCAPE – Story of passions and talents converging to create legends of style.

RARE SCAPE – Appreciating rarity and one-of-a-kind, the fruits of passions and talents.

ICONIC SCAPE Innovations, collaborations, creations, passions, and talents fusing gold, art, and culinary experiences.

ASIA SCAPE Rise of a new Asia with passionate intent, innovation, and perspectives.

Be it stylish residential projects, ready workplace solutions, or fabulous hospitality and exhibition designs, Goodrich Global provides the perfect finishing touch to every interior.

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More about our Opulent Curations using our wallcoverings, fabrics, and carpets in THE ULTIMATE LUXESCAPE.



Welcome to the Vision Scape, an epitome of design excellence achieved through the artistry of Digitally Printed Wallcovering. Within these luxe walls, we unveil a captivating narrative that pays homage to the passions and talents of the visionary Marciano brothers behind the iconic brand, Guess. Here, Guess’s distinct style and identity are not just celebrated; they are immortalized as timeless style icons.

This gallery adorned with Digitally Printed Wallcoverings, stands as a testament to the power of design to transcend time and create lasting impressions. It is a sanctuary where the confluence of nostalgia and modernity unfolds, a gallery that immortalizes the leading fashion models who have graced the Guess stage over the years.

Through the magic of digital printing, spaces are transformed into canvases of imagination and artistry. Here, any image, from vintage photos that evoke a sense of nostalgia to contemporary cityscapes that symbolize progress, can be translated onto the canvas of wallcoverings. It is a limitless realm where creativity knows no bounds, inviting you to explore the boundless possibilities of design.

The Marciano brothers’ vision, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence have found their eternal home within these walls. Their distinct style, innovative designs, and iconic identity are more than just echoes of fashion; they are an inspiration. As you wander through this visionary landscape, let your mind roam free, for in the world of Digitally Printed Wallcoverings by Goodrich, your design dreams can become a stunning reality.

Here, we celebrate design as a form of art that transcends time, just as Guess has done for decades. It is an invitation to embrace the luxe, the high-end, and the inspiring, where every image and every stroke of design becomes a piece of the timeless mosaic that is Guess. At Vision Scape, design is the truest form of expression.

Digitally printed wallcoverings by Goodrich adorn the Guess room.    There is no better way to make a statement than with a collection of both nostalgic and modern photos to immortalize the leading fashion models of Guess over the years.

Thanks to digital printing, any space can be transformed instantly. Any images be it photos, city capes, maps, patterns, and illustrations could be printed onto wallcoverings. The sky is the limit so let your mind wander!


In this harmonious curation of opulence, artistic finesse, and high-energy dynamism, we invite you to embark on a journey like no other that will elevate your senses, ignite your creativity, and leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Let the Vibrant Crimson luxury carpet squares be your first step into this world of extraordinary experiences. Take this inaugural step on your extraordinary journey through the Ultimate Luxescape, where opulence and innovation intertwine. As you set foot upon the plush Vibrant Crimson luxury carpet squares, a symphony of senses awakens, leading you through an unparalleled expedition across a tapestry of experiences.

The Vibrant Crimson, a hue akin to the most exquisite crimson gemstone, serves as your gateway to an exquisite world of sensory indulgence. With every step, it whispers tales of elegance and grandeur, setting the stage for a captivating voyage like no other.

These luxury carpet squares, meticulously curated to perfection, guide you through a succession of galleries, each meticulously designed to captivate your senses. You will be immersed in the sublime touch of fine textiles, basking in the richness of scents that transport you to distant lands, and enveloped by a soundscape that harmonizes with your heartbeat.

As your journey unfolds, the brilliance of Vibrant Crimson gradually transforms into a brighter, high-energy red—an ode to the crescendo of experiences that await you. This dynamic transition is the prelude to Asia Scape showcasing a realm of passion and vitality.

Here, the Vibrant Crimson from Pulse, Goodrich seamlessly complements the Amore from the Fleur Collection by Koroseal Wallcovering, with its pulsating vibrancy, creating a synergy of energy that showcases the CIMB banking experiences in a dazzling display of luxury and innovation. It is where financial prowess meets artistic expression, crafting an atmosphere that exudes the epitome of high-end banking services.



Step into the Rare Scape, where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary through the fusion of Waterside Wallcovering and Lavish Luxury Carpets, evoking the grandeur of the ocean itself. Here, we pay tribute to the essence of rarity, the fruits of boundless passions and talents that give rise to singular creations, and the celebration of the exceptional.

Adorning the walls of this opulent haven is the captivating Waterside Wallcovering, a testament to the convergence of artistry and nature’s marvels. The vibrant blues and smoky grays of the Koroseal (Goodrich) collection, inspired by contoured silhouettes, bring forth a mesmerizing visual symphony, reminiscent of the vast ocean’s horizon. Each horizontal line, rising and falling with grace, conjures the tranquil undulations of ocean waves, painting a picture of serenity on the walls.

In its palette, Waterside offers a spectrum of soothing neutrals and midtones, enriched by the deep luster of gold, the cool embrace of blue, and the lavish green, all drawn from the enchanting tapestry of Mother Nature herself. Crafted in the USA, this high-performance wallcovering ensures not only beauty but also safety, meeting stringent fire rating standards.

Beneath your feet lies the plush embrace of Lavish Luxury Carpets, a luxurious complement to the captivating walls. The rich gray hues of these carpets artfully mirror the undulating patterns, evoking the very essence of sea waves. It is as if you are walking on the shores of the great ocean itself, with the play of blue and smoky grey palettes echoing the depths and mystery of the sea. Beyond their exquisite aesthetics, these carpets are paragons of durability and versatility, offering an array of design options, patterns, and colors that are almost boundless in their aesthetic possibilities. Whether your vision calls for rich mosaics or subtle monochromes, these carpets can be tailored to your every desire, a testament to the luxury of customization.

In the Rare Scape, we invite you to revel in the exceptional, to honor the rarity of artistic vision, and to savor the fruits of talent and dedication. It is a world where high-end design and luxury tones converge, where every detail exudes opulence, and where the appreciation of the extraordinary is paramount. Here, we celebrate not just the beauty of the walls and carpets, but the soul of design itself—a reflection of the rarest, most unique aspirations and dreams, amidst the grandeur of the great ocean.


Embarking on a journey of elegance and opulence, Goodrich presents the Desert Sand, The Hidden Treasure from our Explore PremierWall Collection, Goodrich.  This curated showcase unveils a captivating canvas of luxury. Behold the mesmerizing Desert Sand Textured Wallcovering in Gold, a masterpiece that serves as the majestic backdrop for showcasing the exquisite world of Italian jewelry and the culinary artistry of Michelin canapés.

Beauty lies in subtle details; this wall design stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of nature’s grandeur and human creativity. The texture, reminiscent of windswept desert dunes, invites you to touch and feel the subtle undulations as if tracing the sands of time. The rich golden hue, reminiscent of precious metals, casts an ethereal glow, symbolizing the timeless allure of Italian craftsmanship.

Desert Sand, The Hidden Treasure forms the perfect backdrop for the presentation of jewelry.  Fope Italian jewelry, renowned for its unrivaled craftsmanship and elegance, takes center stage against this resplendent tapestry, each piece becomes a radiant star. The interplay of light and shadow, accentuated by the texture, enhances the jewelry’s intricate details, making each gem and metalwork an embodiment of perfection and artistry.

Witness the breathtaking Desert Sand Textured Wallcovering in Gold, a masterpiece that sets the stage for an exquisite journey through the world of Italian jewelry and the culinary artistry of Michelin canapés.

EARTHY & VIBRANT CRIMSON LUXURY CARPET SQUARES Amidst the opulence and beauty of our setting, we introduce another layer of visual intrigue—the Pulse-Inspired Designed Carpet Squares, a striking fusion of EARTHY and VIBRANT CRIMSON hues. These luxury carpet squares, like a heartbeat, add rhythm and vibrancy to our space, enhancing the overall design narrative.

As you step onto the Pulse-Inspired Luxury Carpet Squares, you will immediately feel the energy and warmth they bring to the environment. The deep, earthy brown tones evoke a sense of grounding and connection with nature, mirroring the enduring beauty of the desert sands. They symbolize stability and timelessness, anchoring our design in the rich traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

Complementing the EARTHY are the VIBRANT CRIMSON accents, reminiscent of the sun’s passionate embrace of the desert horizon. This vibrant hue signifies the enthusiasm and creativity that have given birth to both the Italian jewelry and Michelin canapés we celebrate here. It’s a testament to the fiery spirit of innovation that drives excellence.

The rich colours interplay between the Earthy and Vibrant Crimson of these carpet tiles like a dance of elements, where tradition meets modernity, and where the desert’s ancient wisdom harmonizes with the contemporary world’s boundless energy.

Walking on these luxury carpet squares is an experience in itself   Each step is a reminder of the journey we embark upon—a journey that embraces heritage, honors craftsmanship, and celebrates the fusion of flavors and aesthetics. The Pulse-Inspired Designed Luxury Carpet Square becomes the rhythmic pulse of our design, echoing the heartbeat of creativity and passion.



At the Asia Scape, where the dawn of a new Asia rises, painted in the vivid hues of passions and talents. In this remarkable journey, we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Amore from the Fleur Collection by Koroseal, Goodrich Inspired Wallcoverings—an ode to the boundless spirit of innovation that thrives in Asia.

Amore, in a resplendent crimson red, graces this space, inspired by the timeless elegance of French florals. Within its intricate patterns, we uncover the layers of growth, a metaphor for the incredible strides taken by Asia’s talented visionaries. Each petal tells a story of relentless dedication, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of progress.

The wallcovering, from the Fleur Collection, Koroseal, celebrates the harmony between nature’s beauty and human ingenuity. Amore, in its rich crimson red, serves as a visual symphony, reminding us that even in the most opulent of creations, nature’s elegance and resilience shine through.

Complementing this exquisite canvas is the pulsating vibrancy of Vibrant Crimson Luxury Carpet Squares. These luxury carpet squares breathe life into the space, mirroring the relentless energy and growth that characterize the new Asia. The crimson red tones evoke a sense of vitality and determination, reflecting the flourishing future that lies ahead.

The pairing of both American interior products:  Amore wallcoverings and Vibrant Crimson Luxury Carpet Squares symbolizes not only the present but also the thriving future. It speaks of boundless possibilities, where innovation and talent converge to create a tapestry of excellence. In this inspirational fusion, we celebrate not only the beauty of design but also the resilience and creativity that define Asia’s rising stars.

Step into Asia Scape, where every detail is a testament to the limitless potential that dwells within, and where the spirit of innovation knows no bounds. This is a place where the future is painted in rich crimson hues, and where the talents and passions of Asia’s visionaries illuminate the path to a brighter tomorrow. Embrace the flourishing journey, for in the Asia Scape, the possibilities are endless, and the future is truly vibrant.

Be it stylish residential projects, ready workplace solutions, or fabulous hospitality and exhibition designs, Goodrich Global provides the perfect finishing touch to every interior.

Email info@goodrichglobal.com to find out more. Any requests for invitations, please email to info@goodrichglobal.com


Velvet Curtains at the Ultimate Luxe Scape – an invitation to luxury on a journey that is magnificent as the destination

Every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of grandeur. At the Ultimate Luxe Scape, Goodrich meticulously curated a collection of sumptuous Velvet Curtains in rich, decadent shades of red and black to adorn the rooms across the extraordinary curations: VISION SCAPE, RARE SCAPE, ICONIC SCAPE, and ASIA SCAPE.

Unveiling Mystery and Elegance.   Velvet, with its sensuous texture and timeless allure, takes center stage in our quest to create an ambiance of mystery and luxury. These curtains, in the most popular shades of vibrant red and enigmatic black, evoke a sense of allure and grandeur, perfectly complementing the essence of each unique curation.

Red: The Color of Passion and Vibrancy. The lush, vibrant red Velvet Curtains envelop you in a passionate embrace as you step into VISION SCAPE, ICONIC SCAPE, and ASIA SCAPE. This hue symbolizes the vitality of creativity and the fervor of innovation, infusing energy into every step. It is a color that whispers of life’s zest and adds a touch of excitement to every moment.

Black: The Enigmatic Elegance. In RARE SCAPE, the enigmatic black Velvet Curtains drape the spaces in a cloak of sophistication and elegance. Black complements the wall canvas designs in which oceanic dreams take shape, and it symbolizes the depth of experiences that await. It invites you to step into the unknown, where the mysteries of talent, creativity, and excellence are unveiled.

As you draw these opulent curtains, you are not merely entering a room; you are embarking on a journey through a world of extravagance and inspiration. The touch of velvet is a caress to your senses, a tactile reminder of the commitment to luxury that defines the Ultimate Luxe Scape.

So, immerse yourself in the richness of red and the elegance of black, and let these Velvet Curtains be your companions in discovering the heights of luxury. In every room and within every fold of fabric, the Ultimate Luxe Scape invites you to embrace the vibrant mystery that is life itself, where every experience is a masterpiece, waiting to be revealed.

Enter a world where luxury knows no bounds, where the journey is as magnificent as the destination, and where Velvet Curtains are not just a symbol of elegance but a gateway to a life enriched by opulence. 


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