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An elixir is a mixture of spices, herbs and fruits, which are brewed into a potion according to a secret recipe, which gives this potion a magic character…
Thanks to a sophisticated embossing technique of different non-woven layers, combined with metallic effects, the design and production team of Omexco managed to create subtle changeant effects, which, as if by magic, make the designs appear and then again disappear, transforming the colours.

The fern motif, printed and embossed in tone-on-tone shades, forms the link with herbs and nature. Small circles, infinitely repeated, and swirling lacework designs are matched with a simili-plain item, delicate and light-reflecting, in many iridescent shades of edelweiss white, peony pink, fern green, buttercup yellow, poppy red, copper lilac, bright fuchsia, blueberry, violet, lavender, absynthe, cornflower...

The non-woven wallcovering, 1 m wide, carries the IGI ecological label and is FSC® certified (licence code C001706). It is produced with recycled fibres and printed thanks to solar energy with water-based colours (no solvents). It is a breathable product and therefore can be used in humid climates or environments. It has a good light resistance, and obtained a European B S1 D0 fire rating as well as a marine certificate (so it can be used on cruise ships). The wallcovering is supplied cut length (no minimum order, no standard roll lengths, and therefore less waste during the installation). The backing is stable, so installation is easy (glue on the wall, no need to humidify the backing).


Description : non-woven textile wallcovering
Dimensions : 100cm (39" 1/3), sold by cut length

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