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“…Dream, travel, escape…why not to a beautiful isle, such as Sumatra in Indonesia?...”

The collection “Sumatra” from Omexco will put you in the right mood…

Natural fibres of sisal, bamboo, abaca, rattan, bacnoc; coco midrib and lopiz woven with silk; capiz shells… all these unique materials can be combined, with their stunning colours varying from bright scarlet, white gold, turquoise, steel grey to more subdued colours such as sandalwood, burgundy, leather brown, or soft and natural shades of white, ivory, pearl grey, linen, lime-tree green…

The natural gloss of the mother-of-pearl matches perfectly with the matt finish of the natural fibres bamboo, abaca, lopiz, rotan and bacnoc, and equally with the sparkling shimmer of the sisal weaves on metallic backing.

The diversity of materials and beautiful colours stimulate creativity; whether used individually or combined, they enhance your room setting with a touch of exotic yet natural refinement.


Description : handwoven abaca on non-woven backing
Dimensions : 91cm (35" 4/5), sold by cut length

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Indonesia Malaysia Singapore
Type: Indent
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