Dreamy Spaces in the Bedroom created with wallpapers

Transform Your Space with these Clever Wallpaper Ideas

Bedrooms Are Our Personal Sanctuaries

Do you agree? We find peace and comfort in our bedrooms. Bedrooms are our personal sanctuaries, a place for rest and rejuvenation but also for refuge and relaxation; a place where we can feel totally at ease when we close the door.

Creating our private sanctuary will require careful planning and design. Others may prefer a vibrant or opulent sanctuary, while others may prefer a tranquil and serene one. It is a personal and rewarding endeavour that contributes to self-care to spend time sensitively designing our bedrooms.

Here Are 8 (Eight) Clever Wallpaper Ideas

Idea 1: Using Wallpapers For Bedroom

A bedroom can be completely transformed by the right wallpaper, creating a particular mood or atmosphere. It is possible to create a piece of decor that truly reflects your personal style and enhances your overall well-being with the right wallpaper, whether it be bold patterns or serene landscapes, allowing you to create a space that evokes feelings of coziness, tranquillity, or even playfulness.

In terms of creating a definite ambience for the bedroom, wallpaper is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to do so.  Installing wallpaper in the bedroom is hassle free and without any trace after installation odours and dust. Consider calming nature scenes, like a forest or a beach, for a tranquil bedroom ambience. Alternatively, soft patterns or neutral tones can create a soothing atmosphere.

The most popular spots for wallpaper in a bedroom are the head of the bed and the walk-in wardrobe.  Statement wallcoverings are complemented by muted colouring on the walls.  

Idea 2: Decorative Wall Murals

Decorative wall murals can be a great way to customize your wallpaper and reflect your personal style. You can choose from a wide range of designs, such as abstract art, cityscapes, or even photographs of your favourite places. By selecting a wall mural that resonates with you, you can create a truly unique and dreamy space in your bedroom.  Customised images of a high resolution 500 DPI could be used to make a customised wall mural for your room space.

If you have no ideas for wall murals, do not fret. A wide variety of wall murals are available for you to choose from that area readily available. Mural designs are suitable for both adults and children.

Idea 3: Making A Style Statement

First, consider your style. Rather than just being a place for the night, it should be an inspiring space that you look forward to being in at any time of the day or night. Dressing our bedrooms is very similar to dressing. Our wardrobe collection reflects our authentic style and so our personal sanctuary should reflect that. While the bedroom is the place for personal expression it is also vital that we remember that it is a place that should be conducive to rest. The selection of designs, patterns, colour, and texture should be carefully considered. Having said that, it does not mean that we are limited to pale coloured and minimal patterned designs. Within the spectrum of designs that offer a restful ambience to a bedroom is a wide range of possibilities.

Idea 4: Using Colour Psychology As A Tool

The use of colour in interior design is extremely powerful, especially in spaces like the bedroom. You can also feel the effect it has on your mood and emotions in addition to contributing to the overall aesthetic. Colour psychology is applied here.

Blues and Greens Behavioural and emotional effects of colours are studied in colour psychology. There are different feelings and reactions that can be evoked by different colours. Bedrooms are often decorated with cool colours such as blue and green, which are associated with calm and relaxation. Conversely, warm colours like red, orange, and yellow come with an energy and excitement that is not conducive to restful sleep.

According to one study, people who sleep in blue rooms get more sleep than those in other colours, since blue promotes calmness and lowers blood pressure. A positive impact on sleep quality was also found for green and yellow.

Pastels The pastel palette is an easy-to-use colour palette that is not only soothing, but also associated with innocence and gentleness, which are good vibes to have in a bedroom. Pastel colours seem obvious for a baby’s bedroom but are also appropriate for the master bedroom or adult room depending on the print you choose.

It is important to note, however, that colour psychology is not one-size-fits-all. Colours can also affect an individual according to their personal experiences and cultural background. The right bedroom colour should promote relaxation and sleep, while also being personal to you.

Muted Tones Choosing muted tones in combination with neutral furnishings and flooring can filter out visual noise and bring a sombre, calm atmosphere, if you are one who loves colours and a colourful space like me. It may resonate with one of us who enjoys quiet meditative spaces.

When choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom, consider the mood you want it to evoke. If you’re aiming for a serene and soothing atmosphere, you might choose a palette of cool blues or soft greens. If you want a cozy and intimate feel, consider warmer hues such as deep reds or earth tones.

Remember, colour extends beyond your walls. Bedsheets, furniture, curtains, carpets, and other accessories also contribute to the overall colour scheme. This can enhance your room’s mood.

Idea 5: Nature Inspired Wall Designs

Binging the outdoors indoors is an obvious way to create a retreat-like atmosphere. Choosing wall coverings with floral, forest, water or landscape patterns is effective in setting the scene. There are multiple colours in nature that can be used for that relaxing vacation vibe, such as aquamarine blue, sage green, pastel colours of flowers, neutral beige, or colours related to sand. Digital printed wallpaper is another clever way to achieve inspiring images for your bedroom. With digital print wall coverings, you can customize the imagery and pattern you wish to create, such as a mountain-scape or forest scene.

Idea 6: Geometric Wall Designs

It seems that geometric patterns would not be suitable for a relaxing sanctuary. On the contrary, the regular rhythm of repeated geometry on the wall is surprisingly calming. Note though that we are referring to regular and repetitive geometry as opposed to random dynamic lines and patterns which promote visual movement and energy. The repetitive wall designs in muted colours are well suited to homeowners looking for a modern contemporary look. 

Idea 7: Coordinate Wall Designs With Other Interiors

Wallcoverings tend to dominate a room since vertical elements such as walls, columns and screens are the most significant surfaces in a room. This is apart from floors and ceilings. Therefore, coordinating it with the rest of the furniture and furnishing in the bedroom I crucial. If you have a detailed, patterned, and high coloured wall covering be sure to keep the rest of your room’s décor and furniture neutral and minimally patterned or textured in order to contrast the wall covering and balance out the visual noise level in the bedroom. Vice versa if you have a light coloured and minimalistic wall covering you can then get crazy, well a bit, with the colours and details of the rest of your décor and furniture in the room.

Idea 8: Using The Right Lighting

Remember the light you have in your bedroom, the natural light that comes through reflecting off your walls or the artificial lighting you have installed to enhance your walls. Take into consideration the colour of light; warm or daylight white, and how your wall covering will look under those lighting conditions. Always test them out by putting a sample under your light source to see before applying it to your entire wall. Just a caution too that constant natural light that shines on your wall covering can fade it out quickly so you want to manage that too by considering the orientation of your wall against the natural light source, the time of day and duration that the wall may be exposed to sunlight and finally introduce day curtains and perforated blinds to let light in but filter the harmful effect sunlight has on the wall covering.

Transforming Spaces With Wall Designs

Transforming your bedroom with wallpaper is creative and easy. It is possible to transform your bedroom into a haven if you choose the right style that inspires you, embracing different patterns, and paying attention to coordination.  Discover your preferred style by taking this 2 minutes quick style quiz.

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