Experience the Drama of Nature Translated into Luxurious Textures, Mineral Tones, and Transformative Weaves with REFLECT

Captivating Elegance

Elevating your space to new heights of elegance with fabrics and wallpapers has never been more captivating. Enter Reflect SS24, where the mesmerizing world of colors, textures, and natural inspiration awaits. In our latest unveiling, dive into an artistically composed collection designed to embrace the expressive formations found in the natural world.

Set Your Design Passion Ablaze

Reflect ignites creativity through its composition, palette, scale, and perspective, harnessing the power of iconic designs. As you explore, discover new perspectives and captivating patterns where aerial views and silhouette forms reveal the beauty of earthy, grounded tones.

Immerse in Nature's Drama

Immerse yourself in the drama of nature translated into mineral tones, luxurious finishes, and incomparable textures. From printed fabrics to luscious embroidery, each piece showcases craftsmanship and artistry at its finest.

Celebrating Artistic Influences

Showcasing the craftsmanship of embossed vinyls and the artistry of gravure and rotary printing techniques, Reflect reflects the rich tapestry of artistic influences. Ombre tones dance across the color palette, adding depth and dimension to every design.

Organic Beauty and Seasonal Inspirations

Experience the organic beauty of earth-inspired colorways in wide-width wallpapers and mural panels. Take, for instance, the truly organic design of Onburu, inspired by the earth’s seasonal shifts and natural beauty.

Connecting with Cultural Beauty

Join us in celebrating the coast-to-coast clarity of Reflect’s colour palette, ranging from earthy and grounded to sublimely muted and shadowy. It’s a connection to the earth’s cultural beauty that resonates deeply.

Showcasing the New Collections of wallpapers and fabrics

This latest collection from Harlequin is a testament to luxurious textures, mineral tones, and elegant designs. To explore further, browse our collection at Goodrich Global: https://www.goodrichglobal.com/singapore/products/


With Reflect, immerse yourself in a world where design passion meets natural inspiration. Let the drama of nature and the allure of artistic expression transform your space into a haven of elegance and creativity.

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