What Defines Luxury In Interior Design

Defining Modern Day Luxe Interior Design

Is luxury interior design; also termed as luxe design, a mere interior design style? The brand of luxury interior design that is associated with monetary value and high expense in the making of a space, is quickly changing to one that represents the level of refinement in the aesthetic experience that an environment offers its inhabitants.

In other words, an interior design is deemed luxurious not in terms of its price tag but in the way it expresses through its spatial qualities, a sensitivity to current episteme of aesthetics and, the social and environmental issues surrounding it.

Creating Luxe Interior Design

5 Senses in Interior Design

Once we remove the significance of price tags away from the concept of luxury interior design we can then focus on our physical and psychological experiences in a luxe design environment. That means coming up close to how horizontal planes such as floors and ceilings are formed, finished, and lit; the emotions and responses these horizontal elements provoke in us as we walk on and under them.

Similarly with the vertical planes such as walls, columns and stairs, their ensemble of interior finishing; opaque or translucent, reflective, or textured, coloured etc, all contribute to dictating how we move and behave in the environment they create. We may gain a false sense of security through perceived privacy or assume a sense of community by the level visual transparency, which can both be offered by the design of vertical planes that define the environment depending on the way we choose to treat them.

Luxe interior design is all about heightening our 5 senses in experiencing a designed environment. This is achieved when discerning designers consistently fine tune the way they form, treat, and finish the interior, to solicit the desired responses, emotions, and experiences from its inhabitants.

Styles in Luxe Interior Design

Since we have disassociated luxe design with monetary value, the stereotypical approach of opulence in a luxury interior has now become a conscious stylistic choice as against a requirement. Opulence simply refers to the exaggeration of interior design elements to achieve a dramatic effect, usually of grandeur, in an interior space. However, if the level of refinement in an interior design meant to inspire our 5 senses in experiencig an environment is not accorded for in the design process it can fall short of being a luxury interior design.

With the freedom of this modern-day definition of luxury interior design, designers can now decide on any stylistic imagery and still be able to attain a luxe interior design space. A luxe interior design can be a Minimalist design environment which would have been perceived to be contradictory in the days when opulence represented the only kind of luxury interior design possible.

Luxe interiors can also be styled in an industrial image with its raw and unfinished appearance that are intentionally manufactured to inspire the desired emotions that the designer hopes for the inhabitants to experience. Hence luxury interior design is no longer restricted by a single design style and image but by the design decisions that are consistent with attaining a high level of refinement in the aesthetics that create the environment. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Elements that are considered in creating a luxury interior are not only expected to satiate our 5 (five) senses aesthetically in the clever choice of textures, colours, light and form, but that each element and its application is also expected to respond to the environment in a responsible and sustainable way. The level of refinement in aesthetics in luxe interior design extends beyond the superficial tactile and emotive palette of form, colour, light and textures, to include the technology and sustainability of how these materials and finishes are sourced, manufactured, applied, maintained and later disposed.

Luxe Interior Design Elements

In luxe interior design, the design elements that go into any interior space; form, colour, texture, and light, are carefully considered based on their material attributes and properties as well as on their clever ensemble to form an effective luxe interior design palette.

As an interior designer, access to a repertoire of the latest luxury interior design materials, finishes and technology currently available in the market is critical in making discerning choices and specifications aimed at attaining the desired design concept at the level of aesthetic refinement that qualifies the project as a luxury interior design.

Creating a Material Mood Board

Considerations for putting together a proposed material board with creative and unique finishes and applications that do not burst the budget is key to the success of a luxury interior design solution.

Look out for our next issue which will be an article on unusual luxe interior design materials, finishes and technology, where we will discuss these elements and their applications in greater depth.

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