Minimalism: The Silence Of The Room

Design your living interiors for tranquillity by embracing minimalism.

Modern living spaces and offices often suffer from a sense of clutter and disarray, leaving very little room for tranquillity and serenity. What is the antidote? Follow the principles of minimalism. A serene sanctuary can be created in any living space by using this design philosophy, where silence takes centre stage.

Getting Overwhelmed by Clutter

We live in a world filled with a vast collection of useful objects, furniture, and colourful decorations. Our living spaces can become visually overwhelming when they are adorned with oversized sofas, countless knick-knacks, vibrant curtains, and an array of wall art. What is the result? No place for our eyes to rest, no sanctuary for our souls.

A Minimalist's Quest

Embark on a journey of transformation with minimalism. A radical departure from clutter is the first step. Simple, elegant, and tranquil spaces can be created by removing excess furniture, decorations, and colours.

In Search of Minimalism's Essence

Minimalism emphasizes a few essential elements and a limited colour palette. Think plain and cool colours, such as soothing blues and greys, paired with smooth surfaces. These qualities are reminiscent of Japanese interior design, with its emphasis on space and light.

The influence of Japanese culture

The works of Tadao Ando, a self-taught architect, exemplify Japanese minimalism.   What is Tadao Ando’s architectural style? It is said that Ando’s architectural style creates a haiku effect, emphasizing nothingness and empty space to represent minimalism’s beauty. He favors designing complex spatial circulation while maintaining the appearance of simplicity and the absolute minimal.  With smooth concrete walls, a single matte sheet of dark red flooring, and furniture that hovers above the ground, Ando’s designs showcase the beauty of simplicity. 

A minimalist's guide to lighting

The minimalist aesthetic favours subtle, low-level, localized lighting at night to calm the space. In this design, there is no room for excessive decorative items. It echoes the Japanese concept of the tokonoma alcove to either remove them or cluster them together on a small wall zone.

An artistic interpretation of television

In a minimalist space, modern amenities like a television and digital screens can be accommodated. By incorporating the television seamlessly into the design, it becomes another work of art, free from excessive framing and visual clutter.

Get a sense of quiet

Living in an Ando-designed space would be a serene and cool experience. What are the results? A tranquil and quiet environment that offers a respite from the chaos of the day. You are welcomed by an empty, marvellous canvas where you can embrace minimalism and live a more tranquil life.

Incorporating minimalism into your interior design can transform your living space into a serene retreat where silence reigns. Embrace simplicity, create an atmosphere of calm, and find solace in minimalist interior design. 

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