The Auspicious Colours Of The Chinese Zodiacs: Dragon, Snake And Horse For 2024

Find out how to use these auspicious colours for your interiors.

Zodiac Dragon color

The Symbolism of Colours in the Chinese Culture

The symbolism of colours plays a profound role in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, particularly in relation to the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. There are several animals associated with auspicious colour associations, including the Dragon, Snake, and Horse.

Delving into the significance of silver and gold for the Dragon, black and yellow for the Snake, and red and blue for the Horse, we explore how these hues can infuse vitality and fortune into interior spaces and daily attire.

Lucky Colours for Dragon: Silver and Gold

In Chinese mythology, the Dragon represents power, strength, and good luck. Associated with royalty and prosperity, silver, and gold hold immense significance for those born under this sign. Integrating these colours into interior design can evoke opulence and majesty.

Wallpapers & Wallcoverings:

Opt for wallpapers or wallcoverings featuring intricate silver and gold motifs, such as traditional dragon patterns or celestial symbols. These designs add regal elegance to any space, whether it’s a living room, study, or bedroom.

Carpets & Carpet Rugs:

Choose plush carpets or area rugs in shimmering silver or deep gold hues to anchor the room. These luxurious floor coverings not only provide comfort but also serve as focal points, enhancing the space’s grandeur.

Fabrics (Curtains, Sofa, Cushion Covers):

Dress windows with flowing curtains in metallic hues to create a sense of drama and grandeur. Complementing this, upholster sofas and accent pillows with silken fabrics in silver and gold, adding a regal touch to seating arrangements.

Vinyl Floorings:

Consider vinyl flooring in muted gold or silver tones for a practical yet stylish flooring solution. These durable surfaces can mimic the appearance of precious metals, lending a touch of luxury to high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways.

Lucky Colours for Snake: Black and Yellow

The Snake symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and transformation in Chinese culture. Black and yellow, the auspicious colors associated with this sign, reflect these qualities while exuding elegance and vibrancy.  One can both these colours to create an impactful contrast and definition.

Wallpapers and Wallcoverings:

Explore wallpapers featuring abstract snake motifs or geometric patterns in sleek black and vibrant yellow hues. These bold designs add depth and character to contemporary spaces, infusing them with intrigue and sophistication.

Wall-to-Wall Carpets and Carpet Rugs:

Choose area rugs in contrasting black and yellow tones to create visual interest and warmth. Whether it’s a plush shag rug or a sleek, modern design, these dynamic floor coverings make a statement while tying the room together.

Fabrics (Curtains, Sofa, Cushion Covers):

Dress windows with curtains in striking black and yellow combinations, adding colours to neutral interiors. Upholster sofas and accent pillows with textured fabrics in these hues, creating a cohesive look that balances boldness with refinement.

Vinyl Floorings:

Consider vinyl floorings in glossy black or vibrant yellow shades for a contemporary twist on traditional flooring options. These versatile surfaces provide the most suitable backdrop for sleek, modern interiors, offering durability and style in equal measure.

Lucky Colours for Horse: Red and Blue

The Horse symbolizes energy, freedom, and success in Chinese tradition. Red and blue, the lucky colours associated with this spirited sign, embody vitality and harmony while infusing spaces with warmth and tranquility.

Wallpapers & Wallcoverings:

Choose wallpapers featuring dynamic red and blue patterns, such as galloping horses or swirling motifs inspired by nature. These vibrant designs create a sense of movement and vitality, transforming any room into a lively sanctuary.

Wall to Wall Carpets & Carpet Rugs:

Look for plush carpets or area rugs in rich red and serene blue colors to anchor the space. Whether it’s a classic Oriental rug or a modern abstract design, these versatile floor coverings add comfort and style to any setting.

Fabrics (Curtains, Sofa, Cushion Covers):

Dress windows with curtains in bold red and calming blue hues, striking a balance between passion and serenity. Upholster sofas and accent pillows with soft fabrics in these colors, creating a cozy yet invigorating atmosphere.

Vinyl Floorings:

Consider vinyl floorings in vibrant red or soothing blue shades for a versatile flooring solution that complements a variety of design styles. These durable surfaces add a pop of color to kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Incorporating the lucky colours of the Chinese zodiac into interior design allows individuals to harness the positive energy and symbolism associated with each sign. Whether it’s the regal elegance of silver and gold for the Dragon, the boldness of black and yellow for the Snake, or the vitality of red and blue for the Horse, these auspicious hues can transform any space into a sanctuary of fortune and prosperity. 

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