Use Mood Boards for Home or Office Interior Planning now

Are you thinking of changing your home interiors?

Are you setting up a new home or office?


Mood boarding can be an empowering tool if you are doing any of the above for your space interiors.  From base colours to layering textures, exploring your personal home or office style.

The process of designing your space can seem overwhelming at first. There’s no shortage of options, colour charts, Pinterest pins, Instagram saves, and every home of office interior magazines imaginable, but finding your own style in this sea of styles can begin and flourish much closer to home.

Harlequin’s Lead Designer, Claire Greenfield, and Senior Interior Stylist, Liberty Blackwell, shared their top tips for creating a home full of colour and character.


Identify amongst our treasured items which we cherish. We can use some of these items to be the core of our design style.  According to Claire Greenfield, Lead Designer at Harlequin, “Start with something special when starting a new project.”  Pick something that inspires you. Your space may already contain something very special, like a simple vase in a striking colour, or perhaps a piece of artwork. Consider whether this little spark of design makes your heart sing, no matter how insignificant it may appear?

You may extract a certain motif or design element from the background of the painting, wallpaper, curtains, not necessarily the main focal point, that has highlights of a particular colour that pull your heart towards it. Design is emotive so mood boarding should always start with something loved or favoured.

The colour of this inspiration is central to your mood board. It must be attractive to you as this is your base for your palette. It’s very powerful to think about how one colour can inspire an entire scheme. This is beyond the one room you’re considering but flows through your entire home. Without letting the project become overwhelming to you, think about this base colour palette as an anchor for your home design. You will see it pop up in fun and unexpected ways throughout your home.”


From your initial ‘object of inspiration’ you can build a scheme. Get online and source as many samples as you can. Consider wallpaper, carpets, vinyl flooring, fabrics, embroidery, and weaves. The variety of textures helps to bring together a scheme but also offers variations in colours and tones. Remembering your core colours will guide you through the sampling process. Claire says, “With these anchors to the scheme you’ll find endless permutations of your colours in various shades and tones that you can mix and blend. You can play with them on your mood board until you refine your scheme.”


Discover Your Perfect Interior Style by taking a quick 2-Minute quiz to uncover your style now.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an interior designer or architect, this quiz will guide you to identify your interior style.  This is a quick concise way to kickstart your mood boarding exercise. 


Liberty Blackwell, Senior Interior Stylist, Harlequin, selects the star of her show for mood boards. She says, “I usually start with an interior scheme mood board with wallpaper or fabric that I love. From there you can create your colour palette by picking out the colours within the design and adding some bold accents through textural plain fabrics or paints.”


Claire agrees, adding, “From your design anchor, select one room wrapping colour (perhaps wallpaper), a base colour and one or two accent colours. This selection could form the basis of your home. Design isn’t about finding a theme in each space, but distilling down the colours and patterns that you love and accenting them throughout your home. It can tell a beautiful design story from room to room. Everything should flow in harmony, even with striking and bold colours in the mix.”


In conclusion, as you embark on the journey of transforming your living or working space, the power of mood boarding cannot be overstated. Harlequin’s Lead Designer, Claire Greenfield, and Senior Interior Stylist, Liberty Blackwell, provided invaluable insights to guide you through the process. Identifying something unique that resonates with you and serves as the core of your design, exploring ample samples to build a cohesive scheme, understanding your interior personality through a quick quiz, and establishing a strong base with a well-defined color palette—all these steps contribute to creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a true reflection of your style. By adopting these expert tips, you can infuse your home or office with color and character, ensuring a harmonious design story that seamlessly flows from room to room.


For a more in-depth exploration of these concepts, credit is due to Harlequin: Use Mood Boards for Home Interior Planning now.


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