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Goodrich Global is pleased to offer our expertise in customizing wallcovering, fabric, carpet and flooring to complete any design scheme. With a focus on products which exceed the industry standards for sensibility, resilience and cutting-edge design, Goodrich Global remains a valuable resource for the design community.

Our offerings are screened and evaluated for flammability, tear strength, abrasion resistance, washability and stain resistance.


Fire retardant

Wallcoverings are tested according to American and European safety standards.

Early warning effect

Koroseal Wallcoverings produce an Early Warning Effect when they are heated to unsafe temperatures. This can save lives by giving people extra time to leave a room before they are hindered by smoke or open flames.

This Early Warning Effect works when as little as one square foot of the Wallcovering is heated to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, the wallcovering gives off an odorless and colorless vapour that will set off the alarm on an ionization-type smoke detector.


Fire retardant & abrasive resistant

Our wide range of fabrics for upholstery and drapery meet the most stringent fire retardant standards and demonstrate a high resistance to light, air and abrasion (100 000 Cycle Martindale).

Water repellent & anti-stain

Our fabrics have undergone treatment in order to make them water repellent and resistant to soiling and staining.


Our fabrics are tested to ensure that they are highly resistant to fading and fungal growth.


Fire retardant

Our flooring has BS EN13501.

Volatile organic compound (voc)

Our flooring meets EN717-1 with E1 rating.

Abrasive resistant

Our flooring is tested for wear resistance in high traffic areas.

Green certification

Our products are accredited by the Singapore Environment Council. LEED and FLOORSCORETM certified.



Our carpets Pass ASTM E648.

Smoke density

Our carpets Pass ASTM E662.

Green certification

We have carpets that received accreditation from Singapore Green Label, Singapore Green Building Council and CRI Green Label Plus


Our carpets have undergone treatment to reduce odors.

Micro shield

Our carpets have undergone an anti-microbial treatment.


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