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Takumi, a Japanese word meaning artisan, is the essence of this stunning collection. This book brings crafted pieces of art to your walls. Natural materials, along with centuries of knowledge passed from the ages makes these wallcovering design selections unique and timeless. A total of 7 different artisan stories are showcased within the TAKUMI collection. Full Collection Here.


TAKUMI features an exquisite foil ranging from platinum and gold leaf to silver foil and discolored silver foil which is discolored by firing it with sulfur.  Foil’s presence and elegance makes it a classic favorite for high-end luxury interior spaces around the world. Full Collection Here.

Exquisite-Foils-01-091321 Takumi
Exquisite-Foils-02-091321 Takumi
Exquisite-Foils-03-091321 Takumi


The washi papers featured in TAKUMI are hand painted with the delicate touch of an artist’s brush to create a unique look for the wall. Full Collection Here.

Artists-Brush-01-091321 Takumi
Artists-Brush-02-091321 Takumi
Artists-Brush-03-091321 Takumi


Embark on a bespoke interior furnishing experience with the Opulent Corks. These organic inspired wallcovering materials that are naturally procured from the cork bark are specially handcrafted with touches of metallic glitter in them. This time-honoured material embraced in a modern context are certainly ideal for spaces that are moody, atmospheric and eclectic. Full Collection Here.

Opulent-Corks-01-091321 Takumi
Opulent-Corks-02-091321 Takumi
Opulent-Corks-03-091321 Takumi


Pulp and Mica Chips are a unique combination of reflective precious minerals that were specially curated for this collection.  These reflective wallcovering textures will transform any living space into a showstopper.   Transform any room into a wonderland with the help of these beautiful and unusually textured wallcoverings made of a unique combination of precious minerals. Full Collection Here.

Precious-Metal-01-091321 Takumi
Precious-Metal-02-091321 Takumi
Precious-Metal-03-091321 Takumi


Refined Grasscloths crafted from natural grass and fibers will bring instant textures to your walls.  Such textures instantly make a living space feel cozy and ever more inviting.  Our Refined Grasscloths collection includes a whole palette of warm nudes to browns to warm up any space. Full Collection Here.

Refined-Grasscloths-01-091321 Takumi
Refined-Grasscloths-02-091321 Takumi
Refined-Grasscloths-03-091321 Takumi


Woven fabric is made by spinning together thousands of threads, twisted and dyed in different colours, lengthwise and crosswise by artisans.  Made from Abaca, Manila Hemp, Paperweave and Twisted Paper Yarn with PE yarn. Full Collection Here.

Intricate-Weaves-01-091321 Takumi
Intricate-Weaves-02-091321 Takumi
Intricate-Weaves-03-091321 Takumi


Wood veneer wallcoverings are ever popular alternatives to using actual real wood veneer.  Create a beautiful feature wall using wood veneer wallcovering to add comfort, style and character to any room. Full Collection Here.

Elegant-Woods-01-091321 Takumi
Elegant-Woods-02-091321 Takumi
Elegant-Woods-03-091321 Takumi