Wallcovering Trends Catalog 2015/16

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View the latest collection of wallcoverings for 2015/16 and discover a myriad of decorating possibilities, with a range of different styles, textures and designs, from modern to classical. Turn the pages, discover and be inspired!

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Artistic Wallcovering Catalogs

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Explore the 4 designer options from within the Artistic catalogs which include textures inspired by porcerlain, metallic finishes, vintage finishes and handpainted wallcovering. The exquisite handcrafted Artistic catalogs consist of 4 booklets namely Imperial Porcelain, Handpainted Wallcovering, Metallic Illusion and Vintage.

Imperial Porcelain – Inspired textures from porcelain. A unique feature of this handcrafted wallcovering lies in this natural ability to crack over time. The natural crack lines featured in this wallcovering provide a beautiful rustic effect to the walls.

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Metallic Illusion – A handcrafted collection complete with radiant hues in richly textured metallic. Stylish, opulent and futuristic in appearance and promises to inject character into any space.

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Vintage – Specially hand painted to give it unique richness, depth and colour. One of the most unique characteristics is the subtle variation of colour that is incorporated in each of its designs; no two piece of wallcovering is identical.

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Handpainted Wallcoverings – Exclusively handpainted by Goodrich artisans, truly unique and prestigious in design and feel. Created to send its user to a magnificent realm where clarity is restored and true contentment is experienced.

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Digital Printed Wallcovering Catalog

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Make your wall your cover story, showcase your proud moment or make a statement. Goodrich Global leads the way in allowing homeowners to add character by way of their own designs that include personal photos, murals, cityscapes, maps, patterns and illustrations or have Goodrich create a theme just for you and turn walls from trite to teffific.

Find out more on what is required, how long it takes and the advantages from the Digital Printed Wallcovering catalogue