Grooming the next generation of Interior Designers – Goodrich Global Outstanding Student award in Interior Design

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20th Jan 2016


Congratulations Deepika D/o Sundar Das on receiving the Goodrich Global Outstanding award 2016. The award was presented during Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) Recognition of Excellence ceremony which was held on 26 Oct, 2016 at the Student Activities Centre at their Dover campus.

Among the 15  scholarships that were awarded to 35 students from various degree programmes offered at SIT was Goodrich Global Outstanding Student award in Interior Design.  As the recipient of the award, Deepika was presented a Certificate of Excellence and $5000 in cash. She graduated with a first class honors in Bachelor of Arts majoring in Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art (GSA).

Since 2015, we have been supporting this scholarship.  Goodrich Global hopes to encourage Interior Design students to strive for greater heights of academic excellence in the field of creativity.  In addition, we hope that this award will help inculcate innovation and creativity among the next generation of and be the stepping stone for their future.

The recipient of this award must not only achieve outstanding academic results in Interior Design but also demonstrate leadership qualities and contributions beyond academic studies to The Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) and the community.

Press Release: Goodrich Global Raising The Green Bar

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18th Jan 2017

We are proud to announce our membership renewal with the Singapore Green Building Council. Goodrich Global has been an active member since 2010. We are committed to playing a prominent role in environmental sustainability of buildings as Singapore transforms into an eminent green hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

Goodrich Global has a wide range of product offerings that are eco-friendly. Some of these include Wallcoverings from Symphony, Vycon and Omexco ; Fabric from Concertex and Conneaut Leather; Carpet from Tuntex ; Flooring from Armstrong and geff.

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Upcoming interior trends for 2017

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16th Jan 2017

What’s Goodrich’s take for the upcoming interior trends of 2017?  Jean Leong , Head of Marketing shared 4 major trends with The Property Buzz, The Straits Time (Singapore) dated  11 Jan 2017.

Trend #1 :  Green is in  

Pantone the global leading Colour specialist shared GREENERY is the new kid on the block. Green evokes peace, harmony and tranquility.  It gives one a sense of renewal and healing. Especially many urbanites, many would like to create their own green oasis .  Green has inspired many interior manufacturers to use them for blocked color accents, botanical, motifs and accents for the final products like carpets, Wallcovering, fabrics and flooring.  And customers can chose an array of shades of green.

Trend #2:  Natural looking finishes

Home and business owners are more daring to explore natural finishes for their living space surfaces.  For example, dressing up  a feature wall with wallcoverings that have textures of marble like and wood grained.  The natural finishes range from planked walls, concrete blocks to wood paneling, it’s a dramatic way of “fooling The Eye”.

Trend #3: Geometric

Consistent block patterns and designs for the walls, curtains, carpet rugs and flooring bring order into our homes with simple clean patterns. Geometrics have been around for ages and never fails to excite home owners with modern rendition of colors and shapes .  For the adventurous homeowners, they 2 different bold patterns and colors to express themselves.  We see many using Wallcovering with such patterns for small spaces such as walk in wardrobes, ceilings, and entertainment room.

Trend #4. : Using Larger than life prints

Floral, landscape, abstract art are becoming popular with new home owners.  Larger than life prints are   perfect way to bring life into a your home, and with advancements in digital art printing, there are many options available to replicate a work of art for your walls.
Visit our gallery now to refresh your home and be ready to usher the year of the rooster in style!

In the news:The Straits Times: 3D Scan Visualizer paves the way for Lean , Productive business

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11th Jan 2017


“Often, customers of interior furnishing firm Goodrich Global want the design and estimated cost of doing up their place to be ready the next day. However, there were never enough site supervisors to take the measurements of each place and get the quotations out to customers all in a day.”  Shared by Mr Chan Chong Beng, Chairman and Co-Founder of Goodrich Global with The Straits Time  , Nov 29, 2016. 


To overcome these manpower constraints, Mr Chan, who is also Chairman of the Workforce Advancement Federation, worked alongside with technology start-up Aviation Virtual to develop a 3D Scan Visualiser.  This software is capable of reducing on-site man hours from 4 hours to 1 ½ hours. Therefore, reducing the manpower hours needed by 62% .  

The software paired off with the HTC VIVE, will help to produce  a virtual reality view of the interiors and allows the users to undertake measurement and floor plan designs quickly, easily, and with greater accuracy than using traditional methods. It is designed to reduce the challenges and the need to hire more site supervisors, quantity surveyors, and even 3D graphics Developers for any one project.

This initiative is amongst many other improvements and programs that Goodrich Global have implemented.Goodrich’s effort to increase productivity and continuous improvement to serve our customers better .

This innovative software solution and device were both launched at the Singapore Workforce Advancement Federation’s (WAF’s)annual Lean Enterprise Development Forum on November 28, 2016.  Mr Teo Ser Luck,  Minister Of State for Manpower, was the Guest of Honor and said in his speech to about 200 SME bosses at the event that Collaboration is critical factor for SMEs to sustain their business especially in this economic slowdown.   

Mr. Benny Lim, Group CEO of Goodrich Global alongside with 24 other companies (early adopters) of this technology were presented a plaque for the recognition of their efforts to adopt this initiative   Each of the SMEs invested only  SG$4,500 each for this 3D Scan Visualiser after subsidies from Spring Singapore.


Interior Showcase – Lush Settings

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Create unique spaces with faux leather tiles, elegant lines and high performance floorings. Goodrich has an array of products that is suitable for hospitality, commercial and residential use.

Motifs & Colours

As far as colors are concerned, the tropical ambiance is achieved by using neutral tones. For instance, the basis of a tropical-themed look is formed by color like pale yellows, mellow gold, dark brown, tan, camel skin shades, beige, and ivory. Overlying these muted tones are greens that range from olive green to jade green to bottle green to bluish green to yellowish green. Accents are created by using dull reds, black, and mahogany brown.

Fortuna Silk wallcovering comes in a glorious color palette of 18 references ranging from red, blue, green to neutrals. Looking fresh from the loom, Fortuna Silk adds allure to any space it enrobes.


It’s the details that make this decorating style really sing. Luxurious textured throws, thick trims, plush upholstery and billowing curtains create a soft, luxe feel. Accents should be big, bold and highly decorative.

Concertex’s NappaTile introduces the Art Collection. Incorporating padded and unpadded faux leather tiles with no repeat, beautiful gradients and mosaics can be created to fit any wall space with custom sizes. The combination of padded and unpadded tiles create a sense of depth other tiles cannot do while keeping a sense of warmth and luxury.

Roll Out The Grey Carpet 

These days it’s all about lush, plush carpet and grey is back in a big way. It used to be a rule that dark carpets make a room look smaller, but charcoal carpets are really popular and create an intimate and moody feel.

Quality Flooring

For a lush look of your home interiors, Wood flooring in strips and full plank designs will be greatly recommended. This is because wood is more solid to the ground. Furthermore, rare wood species will be more appealing in enhancing your property value as well.

And it doesn’t have to get that too expensive either. Today, with the advancement of technology, more home owners are able to enjoy the luxury of real wood plank flooring with good engineered wood brands at affordable pricing.

GEFF Engineered Timber flooring enhances comfort and design feel of real wood while at the same time, contributes to the eco friendly environment.

There are a ton of ways to turn any ordinary space into lush setting. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. Just change your wallcovering, fabric, carpet or flooring to spruce up your decor. You’d be surprised by how much difference a few small changes make.

Our wide selection of products caters to the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors, so email us at to know more about our products.

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