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19 June 2020


Happy Father's Day!
“Dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers and story-tellers” — Pam Brown
Pamper your dad in STYLE

Check out the 5 special ways to do SOMETHING special for him.

1. Rest & Relax
Create a special corner for him. Your dad deserves a special corner after a long and tiring day at work. You can dress up his corner with our digital printed wallcoverings.

1. digital print

2. Spark Joy and Inspiration
Dress up the jaming room with wallcovering so as to sparke joy and creativity in him.

2. arrow smith

3. Something Comfortable
Create a comfy sofa for your awesome dad to lounge in.

3. UP

4. Enjoy the family warmth at the patio
Having fun at the patio, deck out at the patio with outdoor decking. Let your mind be at ease when your child or pets play at this friend outdoor decking. Our decking possesses no toxic, slip-resistant and splinters free! Adding on, it is high resistance to outdoor conditions and is easy to clean with just using with water. The overall “look and feel” of wood in beautiful and innovative design with excellent dimensional stability.

4. outdoor decking

5. Rest those Tired Feet
After the hard day work, let your dad’s feet rest on Plush Carpet rugs. Carpet can instantly dress up your floor without the hassle of installation and you can change the theme of the room anytime you wish with very minimal disruption on the existing space.

5. carpet

Do pamper your dad in style with these 5 special ways!

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